What spiritual practices should one avoid on psychedelics?

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Hello. I want to try to listen to "Brahmananda Swarupa" mantra, or "Shambho" mantra for the whole duration of the LSD trip. Or maybe reciting it. These mantras very profoundly influence me. I wonder if it ok to utter them on psychedelics. Sadhguru and his volunteers say that you should practice Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya only 8hrs after alcohol consumption, and if and only when any intoxicating substance left your body. I wonder what about other practices? Is there some danger?

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Whatever spiritual path you take, pace it. Retain awareness of form limitations, and remain within them even as they fade. If the kite gets too high, too quickly, beyond the control of the hand that flies it, it is at risk of being lost in the wind.

Just because God loves you doesn't mean it is going to shape the cosmos to suit you. God loves you so much that it will shape you to suit the cosmos.

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