Is it really necessary to get rid of materialistic life desires to awaken?

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11 minutes ago, vladorion said:

You don't need to get rid of them.

Just understanding on a deep level that they won't ultimately fulfill you is enough. I think most people who pursue awakening do, otherwise they wouldn't even be interested in it.

Doing what should I do, and not what I desire.

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16 minutes ago, Breakingthewall said:

Real awakening is to realize that you are the reality but to do it full time, not 5 minutes a month with psychedelics. For this to happen is extremely rare imo. 

You mean to be always in that meditative state of consciousness, like Ramana Maharshi? Sadhguru for example don't do self-inquiry all day long, but still he in enlightenment, if we agree he is enlightened. 

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