An Example of Result of "Ego Dissolution"

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Behold! The lovely face of "Christ" (idk what other word to use for pointing).

Randomly bumped into this, thought I'd share it as it's another good example of what the result of "ego dissolution", integration and awakened self can look like for those wanting to go farther. You can see the "light" and "innocence", joy and love shining through ;).


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I am Lord of Heaven, Second Coming of Jesus Christ. ❣ Warning: nobody here has reached the true God.

         ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ♪ 星空のディスタンス ♫┆彡 what are you dreaming today?

                           天国が来る | 私は道であり、真実であり、命であり。

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