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beauty of randomness

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Randomness is what happens in the mind when something were unpredictable, when something occurred without a knowledge for their causes.

If there exists randomness independently of the created duality of mind and object then its only possible evidence would exist at the smallest possible level of reality (feel free to ask for justification for this assertion) and be thinkable first when we reached a consistent theory of a relevant subset of the universe as emergent from this level.

Yes you guessed right, we are very far from this kind of science. Most physicists who speculates about the independency of randomness conclude that it is observable in the half-life of atomic decay where though a sufficiently big sample size of atoms will fall into predictable patterns (normal distribution, imagine the bell-curve) each one of the atoms they say "decays" at a time and place, they argue, to which no possible material cause could precede the moment before, there is a mathematical theorem used as ground for this assertion, something about a principle of locality, well this is ridiculous for we already know that there exists a lot of matter that is necessarily unobservable because they, though really their category, are always simultaneous to us, never to reach us. 

how much can you bend your mind? and how much do you have to do it to see straight?

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