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The evolution and survival of Alphabeth

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For every word in this sentence that now I take for granted as something perenial forever existing we can trace a origin and a evolution and as the video points out the very survival of every letter. The reasons for the Tranformation of every simbol probably is lost in history but is interesting to notice that this language that I am using to transmit meaning and extract meaning is nothing but playing with sticks toghether in a strange way but this strange game of language can be so powerfull that depending on how I use my alphabeth or  my Ox and Hut I can cause someone to cry,laugth,rage,kill or even to realize some aspects of reality that he or she would never be able to realize without the use of this strange play of sticks. For example  every video of Gura is basicaly him using this sounds made by his breath passing by his vocal cords, and strangely enogth if one listen to some videos in a very high state of consciousness one can get mind fucked with what one is listening. Just sounds articulated by the mouth of someone. Weird hum.


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