IFS demonstration- is this even real?

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yea i had a counselor who did ifs with me for 5 months or so. i had way too much resistance so i didnt make any progress i felt. the therapist said ifs cured her childhood trauma tho.

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@Lincisman I get you posted this a little while back now.

But, in my experience, and to my understanding, the IFS process looks quite different given the way your psyche is currently structured, and what defence mechanisms your psyche has adopted. Some folks seem to get a lot more success working with parts in the body, i.e. I've noticed that to be the case with some who experience serious and chronic dissociation.

Also, similar to the user above, I've had a lot of resistance with the process. But again I think that has a lot to do with my specific psychic structure.

I think if you go into it having had some effective results in meditation then that helps. Though I don't think its a barrier to entry.


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