Kernel x Cybin Announce Ketamine Pilot Results

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  • Understanding Psychedelic Neuro Effects

    Kernel & Cybin announced pilot results from a feasibility study evaluating Kernel's quantitative neuroimaging technology, Flow, to measure cortical hemodynamics of the brain while experiencing ketamine. Kernel Founder/CEO Bryan Johnson volunteered as the first pilot participant in the study.

    We observed changes in functional connectivity that are consistent with current scientific research on the effects of ketamine on brain activity. (Scheidegger et al. 2012; Zacharias et al. 2019)

How is this post just me acting out my ego in the usual ways? Is this post just me venting and justifying my selfishness? Are the things you are posting in alignment with principles of higher consciousness and higher stages of ego development? Are you acting in a mature or immature way? Are you being selfish or selfless in your communication? Are you acting like a monkey or like a God-like being?

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@integral this is great technology, Thanks for sharing. 

I hope one day a normal consumer can buy this device

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