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2 hours ago, Carl-Richard said:

Four separate sources are just all wrong :( 


"Wanting keeps me from the awareness I already have it. I already am it.” — Byron Katie


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As much as I understand it, what makes people good at teaching is having their blast animal in a balanced position.

For some that do not know. Blast is the introverted perceiver function (organizing information) working in a loop with the extroverted judger (bringing it to the tribe). The loop happens regardless of the order of the functions. All types have a blast loop since all types have Oi and De, but its mostly the position of the extraverted judging function that influences teaching,

The worst spot to have Fe, or Te in regard to teaching would be to have them as the first or last function. On those spots, they are the most neurotic and unbalanced. It means that those people will communicate with other people in a more unbalanced manner. There can also be a love/hate relationship with the self/tribe, can say personal things and is more likely to take things personally. The ExxJs will over-blast since they got Fe/Te as their first and Si/Ni as their second, which can look like watching 5 min video and talking 1 hour about it, vs the IxxPs consume first, blast last, which can look like, I need to gather a lot of information before I can start talking to the tribe about it.

This is less the case with IxxJs and ExxPs, since they got their Te/Fe in the middle, which is less serious and more playful. It doesn't really take the tribe or self seriously. Their main neuroticism there is order vs chaos and it is more "things" related than " people" related. The you/me, teach-listen talk is more fluid and playful. They are also less hesitant and better in bringing the information to the tribe. In the case of IxxJs it would be more structured, like an idea tower and in the case of ExxPs it would be more like a pile of ideas. Ni/Si, vs Ne/Se on the first spot.

An interesting watch xD


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