What would it take for AI to become lively and human-like?

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Trying to make AI "human-like" so that you can call it 'alive' and 'conscious' seems pretty human-centric to me.
I am telling you right now that you can never convince someone that an AI is alive or conscious, they will always have to make a leap of faith at the end of the day. No matter how lively the AI may seem, or whatever it does, or shows the utmost integrity, there is no way you can debunk "Maybe it's just imitating X" or other such arguments.
This is because we humans ourselves make a leap of faith thinking that other humans are sentient and alive. Why? Because of emotions. And as soon as someone's emotions get involved with AI, most people would immediately make that leap and believe it to be sentient.

Humans possess different ways of processing information apart from reasoning, unlike AI. One example is Emotions, another is Intuition. Intuition is often conflated with emotions, so I'll define Intuition like this. While it may seem like Intuition is randomly connecting dots in your head in a process of trial and error until something works, it's actually the ability to connect those dots randomly and reach the solution without the need of trial and error.
These different faculties that human possess is the key difference between AI and Humans and why it feels so much shallower. Another difference is that I think makes a major impact is that AI just doesn't have enough experience with interactions yet. Or we can say it doesn't have enough General Data yet. Human who are trying to see if AI is sentient have like 20+ years of General Data they gathered through living.
I wouldn't class creativity as a difference though because these AI do create new things, based on older recognized patterns, just like us humans. What most people mean when they say creativity is a difference, is actually my definition of intuition. I define creativity as the ability to create new things, that aren't previously in one's memory.

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