Eternal Unity

Free will doesn't exist, freedom exists.

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Knowledge of the enigmas of the universe reveals this simple truth. Think of a stone which a kid throws into a window of a deserted house, and breaks it while playing with his friends. Now, if you'd ask the stone, she would undoubtedly will tell you: "I chose to fly and break that window". But what is the CAUSE that caused this effect. The Kid.

Same with life, we're the stone, and God is First Cause.

Take a step back and look at the big picture. Experience this and you'll understand everything.


"I believe you are more afraid of condemning me to the stake than for me to receive your cruel and disproportionate punishment."

- Giordano Bruno, Campo de' Fiori, Rome, Italy. February 17th, 1600.

Cosmic pluralist, mathematician and poet.

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"God is First Cause" is your mind-fabricated idea. If holding to it makes you more comfortable than holding to a mind-fabricated idea of "I have a free will", then go for it. Or you may choose not to hold to any mind fabricated ideas, may be that is what the freedom is?  

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