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  1. Show me how exactly how the Schrodinger equation (and not any other kind of equation) follows from "Love". OK, if you are God, then prove it that you have no problem with suffering. Turn on the stove and put your hand on it. Your body-mind will suffer and try to reject it, but you do not reject suffering if you are God that has no problem with suffering, so keep it on the stove. Let me know how it worked for you.
  2. So, here is the summary: - I am the Infinite Omniscient and Omnipotent God-Consciousness-Love, I can imagine and dream any dreams I want! - And why these dreams always structured according to mathematical equations? And why there is so much suffering experienced in these dreams? - I dunno....
  3. The brute fact of your direct experience is that certain phenomena follow exactly the Schrodinger equation. Surely it is irrelevant to understanding what Consciousness IS. But it is relevant to understanding what it DOES, and how and why it manifests certain phenomena such that they always follow this equation. But you are avoiding this question because you have no answer. In other words, you know what Consciousness is, but has no clue why and how it is dreaming what it is dreaming, silly. And why could not Consciousness be perfectly alive and dreaming its dreams without any suffering? So, it's helpless and clueless because it's endless. Poor Consciousness ... So, Consciousness is forever alone with nothing "outside" of it, it is forever helpless to change its dreaming or stop it, forever unable to understand why it is dreaming what it is dreaming with all of the experience of suffering in it. I don't see any "Bliss" and "Love" in it, it's actually quite a miserable way of existence. May be that is why it hides from itself always trying to pretend to be someone else?
  4. OK, then IMO "love", "truth", "oneness" (and I would add the "infinity") are just like "referring to non-duality as capitalism." As a result, people get confused and stuck clinging to their experiences or ideas of "love", "truth", "oneness" or "infinity" without realization that all these ideas and experiences are just that - only ideas and experiences, they are just part of the same dream.
  5. IMO "love", "truth", "oneness" are equally toxic.
  6. I was not asking to explain Oneness. I was asking to explain how and why the Oneness manifests forms exactly according to the Schrodinger equation. And also, why it manifests it such that there is a humongous amount of suffering in it which it is unable to stop. Apparently, Oneness can know that it is Oneness, yet it has no clue why it manifests forms in a way like that. Clueless and helpless Oneness. In other words, dreaming that is dreaming about itself that it is "God & Absolute Truth". I think it's just funny... I've seen too many spiritual gurus resorting to this argument, but it only works on naive seekers.
  7. That's right, and that includes the realization that the realization of the "Infinite Absolute God" is also just part of the dream. And when that falls away, all that remains is just THIS: pure and immediate experience of suchness-presence-nowness-awareness here and now manifested in the flow of forms and phenomena (with nothing "Infinite", "Loving" or "Absolute" about it).
  8. that's just an English idiom, don't be so picky. I don't see anything "crazy" in it either.
  9. Apart from fun, all I'm saying is that you can go further from clinging to your beliefs in the "Infinite Absolute", but only if you want to. I'm just showing you the way. But if you are happy with your beliefs, then who am I to tell you not to cling to them?
  10. I'm just having fun here, sorry if it sounded rude to you I'm used to Zen practice which pointers to our false beliefs can be quite rude at times.
  11. yeah, that's good too. I'm drawing in watercolor right now using imagination but still don't see anything wrong with talking to myself though.
  12. any better ideas how to spend the infinity of ever-now?
  13. Yeah, I know, been there did that. Classical Advaita. You believe that not all God is in your direct realization (because you direct experience is always finite), so you extrapolate and construct "the rest of God" in your imagination and imagine it to be "Infinite". In your psychedelic trips you might experience some expansion of your everyday state of mind, but it still inevitably always finite, but you would think "aha, if it gets expanded further and further like that, it will eventually embrace the Infinity of God". But you can go even further (only if you want of course) and realize that such extrapolation of your direct experience is only your belief, and any labels and attributes such as "God", or "infinite" or "Absolute" or "Love" are meaningless and redundant mind constructs. They are all what happens in your conscious experience: the forms, ideas, phenomena, attributes, but they are not what reality actually is, they are only a content of your experience (no matter how euphoric or blissful or mind-expanding it may be). It is JUST suchness-nowness-presence-awareness here and now exactly how it is directly experienced empty of any attributes, and nothing else. There is nothing to believe in and nothing to cling to, not even to "Infinity" or "Absolute" or "God".
  14. Yeah, I know, I also see sameness in everything - the same never-changing suchness, presence and awareness in every experience at the same moment of now. So what? How does it follow that this "suchness-nowness-presence-awareness" is the "Absolute" or "Infinite" or "Self"? It's JUST a pure direct experience of suchness-nowness-presence-awareness here and now exactly how it is experienced, everything else in addition to that is just our mind construct and our interpretation of it (which is nothing more than beliefs and delusions exactly as you said), and that includes any attributes to this "sameness" such as "Absolute", "Infinite", "Eternal", "Self", "Love" and so on. As a matter of the bare fact of the direct experience of this sameness, it has no such attributes.