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On 12/28/2022 at 9:45 AM, Emotionalmosquito said:

I’d be afraid to do some of the stuff in these lists because of images like this one



She’s rubbish. This is why we as men need to choose our partners consciously. My girlfriend actually had a similar initial reaction to me crying but I stood by my guns and put her in her place when she called me out on it. Our relationship has evolved to the point where she sees my crying differently, but also I am far less in “victim” mode as I was back then. The tears I consciously shed I do so as a specific expression of something I believe and I use them to communicate that powerful belief to her. IE I love her and is being separated  is something I do not like. So we both changed and now it’s just fine if I cry in front of her. 

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You can only respect someone when the relationship is healthy. 



 Be careful being too demanding in relationships. Relate to the person at the level they are at, not where you need them to be.

You have to get out of the kitchen where Tate's energy exists ~ Tyler Robinson 

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Also respect is the prerequisite for a healthy relationship. How can there be respect without non-toxicity? How can there be a healthy relationship without respect?

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