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Happy Lizard

What could have learned form being around my family this thanksgiving?

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Had an interesting experience being around my family and relatives this thinks giving, whom are very centered in my view around stage blue-orange: rational thinking yet vaules family and self-identify as homophobes… yep literally! ( they absolutely refuse anything and everything that has to do with being LGBTQ)

It was like being with current Jordan Paterson for 3 days. Which I tried to use as a practice for my own development and expansion of world-view

IDk learned anything useful or if i did well or I just hearing them express their world view openly and proudly, maybe they only thing that I learned was that people have the freedom to think whatever they like.

I feel like I just viewed a number of adults in a state of hate/anger and/or unwillingness to discuss their ideas or see the world form different lens. I tried to grant them they opportunity to say what they like without me debating or interrupting with what I though.

What I didn't like was how it felt like I had to cheer them out for every opinion they had or I would be the opposition, it was physically very tense for me to be in that space but I did what I could.

Some of the was discussed during the gathering (NOT my own opinion): 

vaccines causes disease and turn people gay, black people are inherently  driven towards crime/troubles making, genrally there is no justification for being gay and they openly refused to go to a place just because the name of the address had the name “Gayloard” in it. 

would like to hear your 💭 

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God, I have no idea. I’ve learned more to just let me family think what they want and say nothing as well. 

Really. I think this is more for you to contemplate I don’t know what I can add 

"Unburdened and Becoming" - Bon Iver

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Some things that come to mind.

-That this worldview leads to hate/anger

-How to be relaxed in situations that feel physically tense to you

-How people will sense your feelings


-Setting boundaries

-Expressing your feelings

-How to lead

-That they are you



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