Why Photographers Are Attractive

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I haven't watched Leo's content for over a year, because I was busy with work and health issues.
I recently checked the 3 parts episodes about game, as it was a long time awaited "come back" topic on,
this put me back in the mood when I was reading "The Game" by Neil Strauss when I was student...

Anyway, I just googled "Why photographers are attractive" and found this study:


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Weird to me that there aren't any listed creative activities you can do that'll make your attractiveness go into the negative (aka repel / repulse people). 

I can think of some jobs in general -- mortician, septic tank servicer, or any job that elicits a disgust response when you  mention it -- but not in the creative area. I think in those cases, people would be more weirded out by your job, than not having a job at all.

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I don't like software programmers and gamers. They are too logical. 


 Be careful being too demanding in relationships. Relate to the person at the level they are at, not where you need them to be.

You have to get out of the kitchen where Tate's energy exists ~ Tyler Robinson 

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