Foot pain while walking that comes and goes randomly

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I'm 20M and healthy. I regularly lift weights. My diet is overall pretty good.

I'm flat-footed and apparently I had shin pains as a child, which lead to me being given insoles that were supposed to correct my flat footedness. I had worn insoles in my shoes for years until a few months ago.

The reason I stopped is that I still got pain, specifically in my left foot. I decided that these insoles are useless so I've not been wearing them.

It is a very peculiar kind of pain:

  • Happens every few days
  • My left foot and shin start hurting when I step on it, causing me to limp
  • The pain starts randomly (for no apparent reason), and simply goes away after 5-10 minutes
  • I've found that stepping on the ball of my left foot amplifies the pain, but not if I extend (bring up) my toes.

So what can I do about this pain? Should I keep wearing the insoles? I do feel like the pain has become more frequent after a few months of not wearing. Ultimately though I do want a better solution than the insoles, because I still got this exact pain while wearing them anyway.

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Insoles are a bandaid solution. I suggest looking into minimalists/barefoot shoes.

The most important thing is to retrain your foot to work as it’s meant to…

Meaning, rocus on riding the outside edge of your foot. Specifically try not to put pressure on the side with your big toe.

That’s why your feet are flat. Because you’re creating force on the inside edge which goes against how the foot/ankle are meant to function. 

Look into the movement system GOATA if you want to learn more

The game of survival cannot be won. 

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