How to change subconscious limiting beliefs once and for all?

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6 hours ago, Loving Radiance said:
  • Imagine & vision your ideal life as vividly & detailed as possible, use multiple senses, make it life-replacingly real, imagine that it’s already the case and completely fulfilled in the present, it’s a perfect life, soak in all feelings & emotions and how the body feels

    • What does it look like to be?

    • How and where would I live?

    • What would I do?

    • How would I feel?

    • How different is my life?

    • What friends do I have?

    • What does my family think about me?

  • When loosing focus or when resistance, come back to the visualization

But you know... When I was imagining my dream life or how it would feel like... Nothing comes up. I don't feel anything, I feel numbness most of the time.

Also when I do shadow work, when I try to think of some painful and unacceptable parts of my self, I just can't bring myself to feel those emotions. Good or bad (most of the time). I think it's because I am burnt out. I am so exhausted of emotions altogether.

I just want to live my dream life.


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6 hours ago, Loving Radiance said:

In addition to that, there's also radical discontinuity. It's basically breaking your behavior patterns and confronting the arising shadow aspects. It's like being a hunter searching, tracking and killing prey. Here are some notes I made while attending a training which involved this kind of shamanic self-transformational work:

  • Patterns suck up energy and keep you in the past, keeping your life force at minimum

Important points:

  1. Sweetness, love and respect for the hunted pattern (gratitude for the prey)
  2. Cunning: Smart and attentive focus for tracking the hunted pattern and noticing the signs of the prey (high awareness)
    • Patterns are predictable in nature
    • Set up traps with the prey's favorite food. Set up situations where your subconscious beliefs arise.
  3. Patience to pause in the moment to observe, feel and listen to the prey
  4. Ruthlessness to opportunize on time window because the moment to kill is closing fast – killing is radical discontinuity to consciously break the pattern
    • Behave differently (structure-content) e.g. smile, dance, go towards emotionally difficult (structure-content)
    • Killing the pattern gives a feeling of being alive (not necessarily feeling good in mood)
  • Not all prey are equal in tracking and killing – they have different difficulty levels
    • Old and wise prey (old subconscious beliefs and shadow aspects) are sneaky and hard to track – they are masters in distraction & diversion and use every tool possible
    • Some prey are undead and come up again & again, the task is to kill again and again
  • Better hunt in and with community
    • Outside help with tracking the prey
    • Own job is to kill the pattern
  • Hunting keeps us young
  • Hunt, hunt, hunt till eternity

I don't know if finding and killing "the pattern" or that shadow self is a way to go. You think it is?

I thought the point was to integrate the shadow. As you wrote, to smile at it, to kinda accept it. Give it love.

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14 minutes ago, somegirl said:

I see.

I wouldn't say I have problem with IG models. I think I look good and I'm told that constantly.

I just come across people who only value my body/my looks and not anything else. And it happened couple of times that I started to wonder "Do I even have anything else to offer than the looks? Is that really all I am worth?".

I mean I have many talents, have unique taste in music, I have friends and am funny and fun to be around when relaxed... So I just get confused how I constantly come across people who are not amazed by my personality. 

This is why I think, on a deep level, fundamentally, I do not value my personality myself. Because if I did, thid wouldn't be happening.

Hmmm. Then maybe you just don't know how to present your talents/personality as something amazing. It's clear that you know you have unique qualities, but you don't seem able to communicate their true value to others, so you end up devaluing your gifts and understating them when you should be doing the opposite. Think narcissism here. Maybe you need to work on things like confidence, body language, eye contact, vibe, hype, etc. These are the things that attract women's attention and captivate them. Basically learn the games that men play to get women. Learn pick-up lol. Seriously, often times, the guy has many good qualities, but he just doesn't know how to communicate them with girls. Most girls tend to perceive the world from a different perspective. They don't value the thing in and of itself unless it has good marketing. So if you want to play and advance in the women's league, then you need to learn the tricks and focus less on the actual gifts that you have. I would bet that you can name some girls who don't have as much good qualities as you, but they somehow seem to get what you want while you don't. That's because they know how to play with people's emotions and give them roller-coaster rides. They know how to push and pull, they probably oversell but never undersell themselves, etc.

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@somegirl  Yes, smile and feel gratitude for the aspect which brought you here. Then let go.

2 hours ago, somegirl said:

just want to live my dream life

Follow your heart's desire. Feel it.

Presence. Goodness. Feeling.

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