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How to Study Psychedelics?

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I want to make a career out of psychedelics and study them but im not sue how.

Is there a country where its legal to study them in university or somewhere else? idk how to.







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Type:" MAPS psychedelics" into your search bar. A few universities in the states do psychedelic studies. Most of the research I'm aware of comes from the united states or Canada

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Check Leo's blog. He definitely posted about a university that does this.

It's there on his blog.

Maybe he can chime in and tell you how far back it was. I think it was around a year ago.

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@Julian gabriel Canada has the best laws, many substances are legal there. As for research most of it comes from US, mushrooms have been decriminalized in many cities like Oakland, Denver etc.


CIIS is the best university because they do extensive research and studies in the psychedelic field and the curriculum integrates the subject. 


John Hopkins also provides great research, not sure about their curriculum.

MDMA will be the first one to be legal, through the trials happening with MAPS.ORG, then psilocybin after.

To work with psychedelics legally you will need to study psychology, if you already have a bachelor's degree (even if it's not related to psychology) you can do a Master's in psychology which will take 2 or 3 years. 

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