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Mushroom Trip Report 012 - 4g of B+

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So this trip report here was done a lot with Google Voice to Text, and then realizing later it's screwed up many of the words. So I went in and edited it, so now you are getting a rough translation that makes a lot more sense.

I jump around and have a lot of random talk thrown in here in there as well.





Let me go on a journey.

Music Playlist I put together for this trip. Feel Free to use it on your next journey.



March 26, 2022.

I was definitely in a rather unique set and setting as I just wanted to get a trip in a few days before a big shift in my life. So I was managing packing all of my belongings and such.


Dosage: 4g of B+

The jump from 3.5g to 4g was substantial, also given that I was just alone lying down focusing on my consciousness.

Taken lemon tekked tea at 3:06pm

My intention is to surrender to the playlist, and just let whatever come to me. Have my eyes closed and lie down.


Otherwise, the intention is what is imagination.


19 minutes in, being scrambling around. I guess I was unconsciously avoiding the meditation I planned.

I notice a shift in consciousness.

Music time.


40 minutes in...

These shrooms ain't shit. (You have to say that to activate it.)


I basically let go of all fear of the trip at this point. Like bring it on.


I need to practice the skill of State change and also letting go. Let it go very quickly and just get to the next state.

43 minutes kicking in.


I need to learn the lesson of letting go into experience and Just Go With it.

Otherwise if I can't let go I won't be able to experience things.

Like this trip.

Especially on trips.

I have Massive attachment to writing these trip reports.


On another note...

There's a voice in my head saying: "Don't you understand?"


How the fuck is anything possible?


You know... I think a lot about life. I am so scared to realize that I created everything. Like it's so fucking insane.


I mean life is always about the journey, so whatever I'm thinking right now is what I need to go through. But it's like so hard. My mind is a very complex one.


I don't really care about my excuses as to why I am unfocused. Being medicated when I was younger definitely impacted my life. I was on ADHD medication for YEARS growing up with my brain developing alongside a daily 72mg dose of methylphenidate.


I was born with problems like every other fucking creature on this planet. But those are all the gifts from God to show us to understand and that we need to love it all because we have nothing else to do but to love. There's nothing else to do but to love. I'm just so emotional, I'm an incredibly emotional creature.


You know what's interesting? Every object in your fucking room, even if you find an object you didn't know you had, you are going to imagine an entire story behind it. Every, single, object in your life has a fucking backstory to explain why it's there. But who is to say that memory was not imagined on the spot? Right there and then.

The reason why you have a backstory for everything is because if you didn't, you would go fucking insane because if you understood that you are imagining every single object into existence then you would also realize that you were God.


God is such an insane motherfucker that he'll experience fucking everything possible.

I wanted to experience everything so I created a puzzle for me to solve.


Here's the fucking puzzle. It's YOUR puzzle motherfucker! YOUR LIFE!

Your life is your puzzle that God gave you to solve. Everything in your life is your personal message from God teaching you how to understand everything.


Everything that happens in your life is God trying to learn how to love everything. Every fucking problem. Every problem in your life is a lesson of love. Love however, is expressed in a very complex fucking way. Like an EXTREMELY systematic fucking complex way. It wouldn't be love unless it was just fucking COMPLEX.


It wouldn't be love unless it was just complex as fuck.

Because you see, complexity and Love are the same thing.


God will imagine everything.

God will imagine everything.


I'm imagining like my phone having a life of their own. A consciousness of their own. How the fuck do you know your phone is not a state of consciousness?

Imagine being your phone your entire life.

Imagine being a biological cell your entire life.

Imagine all the pain in the World.

I want to understand. I know I'm going to become infinite, like what the fuck. I know I'm going to take 5 Meo, it's only a matter of time.


I know I'm going to turn into a fucking amazing person. It's only a matter of time.

I know I am going to become a creature of God that is love everywhere.


Let's talk about your body...

Your body loves you very much. Every single day, it gives you life. Because it's God. You should start showing as much respect as your fucking body does. Show your body as much respect in taking care of it as much as it takes care of you in which I mean how it gives you life every single day.

Show respect. Show respect.


I want to show respect for your Life Journey. Because you're a very complex mind. God wants you to know that you're a very courageous soul. I want you to know you're going through everything you need to. God wants you to know he is with you every second. He IS you after all.



God wants you to understand that he loves you. Because he's everything. He also is you dude. My ego doesn't believe it? This fucking State of Consciousness doesn't believe it right now either. Do you need to believe something to understand it? Is believing like a leading towards truth? You have to understand that you need to BELIEVE the Truth exists in order to embark on the journey of understanding what is.



You know God is teaching you with his creations.

I was teaching you with everything, doesn't matter if you like it or not. You are the greatest teacher.


You KNOW you're going to take a fuckload of psychedelics in your life, and I'm going to teach you everything. You are the greatest teacher after all.


It doesn't matter if you don't want to read all your trip reports. I want you to read everything you wrote.

You know God will always be hidden in those great moments that you take a psychedelic. When you have that courage to take a psychedelic and just enough stability to keep your life together, because you know you need new understanding from God. Which is yourself. But you don't understand that yet.


I think I'm channeling right now. I think I was channeling, don't you understand?


You're going to imagine yourself in a room with fluorescent outlines lighting up a Dark Void. You're going to have a nice conversation with another being from another dimension. You will both be on your Merry way because you both understand that you're God. There are beings alive around us, why the fuck don't I see them to be present right here? They're everywhere. They exist as everything and nothing. They're existing right now and they're not existing right now. If they exist, that is you being in the state of Consciousness that they exist, but if they don't exist, your State of Consciousness is that they don't exist.


Everything currently present in the State of Consciousness exists, everything else is fucking stories. You don't even know.


Everything in your life works this way.


You know I'm glad I took a my life ended up being like this. Because I'm going to figure something else out that most people are not going to be able to figure out. I'll give that value to the world, and I'll give love.


I'm going to imagine myself creating a massive amount of value to people, because I am God, a creature of Love. Whatever fucking language. I'm going to show my love by demonstrating the story that I write. Doesn't matter how the fuck I got here. I'm going to embrace every fucking confusion I have. Because God is sending you that confusion as a gift. You know God is the biggest fucking retard AND the biggest genius. What the fuck would you do? If you are in finished with everything. I mean whatever your State of Consciousness can understand right now. Because I know that people are reading this are going to be in their current state of understanding. So the laws that govern the universe and reality, those laws are going to be governed by what you understand right now. But you have to understand that God's going to tell you that you are going to be an amazing creature of Love that's going to understand everything. You're going to understand everything.


You know I really want to experience flying to astral realms. I want to experience life in the astral Realm where they have their own fucking problems. Because all the problems are just Gifts of love and challenges of love. Everything is infinitely complex and full of love.

You can experience whatever. God is always giving experience. God is always giving you an opportunity to show love, to love your entire life and every corner of it. But you have to be courageous to put that love forward yourself. You see, true courage is taking your entire state of fucking problems and choosing to give regardless.

Incredible psychedelic trips are where the most amazing understanding is.


I'm going to live forever in happiness, forever in pain. Until I want to imagine something else. You know I love you a lot, I want to show my respect for you.


Whenever you go on a deep psychedelic trip you're always getting experience from God himself. Because she wants you to know that he appreciates you.


Whatever experience I fantasize about having. Thinking about having experiences in astral Realms and stuff. Once you're satisfied, you're just going to think of other shit to do.


Cry about everything in your life until you learn how to love it. That's shadow work.


If I meditate for long periods of time. God will give me very wise quotes like that. So if I show my appreciation for my actions. He will give you more messages of love. And the whole journey of love is going to be a story that can be written for you.


With everything in your life, always ask, "What is God teaching me right now?"



I will show my respect for you by changing myself. That's how I'm going to show my love for you.


Not going to lie. This is some fucking good visuals. Like shifting reality. Not like patterning necessarily. But like actually just fucking with the shapes of objects and stuff. Generating and vanishing matter right before my very eyes.


I think that this might have been a very high dose for me. Like 4g is a way different realm than 3.5g.


Your brain is going to interpret different shades of colour than my brain. What the fuck. We're looking at the same thing and we'll see different shit.


You can write a bajillion stories about everybody in your life. But the ones that you are going to believe are the ones that are conducive to your survival.


You have to put in a lot of effort to have a good time.

>Put in the effort to create and experience the good life.


All of your actions are Guided by beliefs. Period.


End of Report.

Yes, the trip was on the more intense side, but not much reality shattering as it could've been if I really focused on a specific point of contemplation.

I forgive my past, I release the future, and I honor how I feel in the present. 

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