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Question about NDEs

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12 hours ago, Carl-Richard said:


Correlation between forms disproves the formless? How?

Look for the other comment OP

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On 27/04/2022 at 10:57 PM, Someone here said:

Is near death experiences a decent evidence that consciousness survives physical death ?

And why does all people who experienced an NDE report the same thing ? The long tunnel with the bright white light at the end , and seeing their body from above as if they astral projected ?



Brain is a filter for consciousness ;). Without the brain you would not be a human being at all. Consciousness imagines not only the brain but your physical body too. It's all a dream created by an infinite intelligent being aka God. You have done very good job in creating "evidence" to stay in sleeping mode. You can become conscious of all stuff that are being said here. Read about people leaving their bodies and teleporting between countries on earth and even astral realms. So you don't even need psychedelics to understand this. It's so obvious once you experience it. You will laugh at yourself and think lol how could I be this stupid believing a piece of meat could generate my being. You are an eternal divine being but right now you are just trapped inside of a prison created by scientific conditioning that you believed in. Funny thing is, even science aren't sure how consciousness is generated. Start seeking real knowledge and most importantly of all, be humble.

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