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Dimensions of Consciousness regarding Awakening

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Here I made a similar post. This is un upgraded version now.

The following is one way to model consciousness. I consider this model very useful for the awakening journey.


1. Void Dimension

In the previous post I called this the depth dimension. When being conscious of a facet of awakening (no self, God, Love,...), The void dimension shows how immersive vs subtle this is.

When you increase the void dimension more and more, you eventually end up in the Void. There are no body sensations. And in a deep Void, no thoughts, no memories, no sense of self and individuality. 

Practices that target the void dimension:

  • psychedelics
  • sleep yoga
  • SAT transmissions
  • trance, tiredness, sleep deprivation
  • invocation of angels and gods
  • lucid dreaming
  • float tank
  • shamanic breathing
  • dark room retreat
  • weed and alcohol

And to a smaller extend:

  • shaktipat transmissions 
  • kriya/kundalini yoga
  • meditation
  • physical exhaustion 
  • being sick

There is generally a correspondence between higher activation in alpha, theta, delta and epsilon brainwaves and the void dimension.


2. Recognition Dimension 

Recognizing/grasping a facet of awakening. 

If you watch Leo's guided contemplations and understand them, that's conceptual understanding. If you are a practitioner and carefully do these contemplations alongside him, and after some time you actually yet usually very subtly grasp it in your direct experience, then that's the recognition dimension. 

At this point it is very clear how that particular facet of awakening could be true. But you are not absolutely sure yet. There is the small possibility that you are deceived and it's just an illusion of the brain after all.

Practices that target the recognition dimension:

  • self inquiry / contemplation 

The recognition dimension corresponds with an increase in beta and gamma brainwaves. 


3. Pure Consciousness Dimension

This is about increasing your consciousness. It's the most important dimension IMO.

The only way that you can wake up to God, Love and Infinity is by increasing your consciousness. 

After a certain point, you will also reach Absoluteness, that means it will be 100% clear that your awakenings are true. No doubts. The possibility that everything is an illusion of the brain becomes a joke.

Practices that target the pure consciousness dimension:

  • psychedelics. Particularly strongly 5-meo-dmt
  • advanced lucid dreaming/OBEs

To a lesser extend:

  • RASA and Light Transmissions (from Gareth, maybe from Imogen too)
  • advanced invocation
  • long dark room retreats
  • advanced jhanas

The pure consciousness dimension corresponds with an increase in gamma and lambda brainwaves.



The pure consciousness dimension is most important for awakening. You can increase that dimension by directly targeting it with the practices listed above. Or by simultaneously targeting the void dimension and the recognition dimension. I found that these two in combination target the pure consciousness dimension as well.

The recognition dimension and self inquiry are kinda closely related with the pure consciousness dimension, but self inquiry alone is usually not enough to really increase your consciousness. But if you do self Inquiry while you are deep in the void dimension, then increasing your consciousness becomes much much easier IME.

But generally psychedelics are the most powerful tool for the pure consciousness dimension. 


Some more points:

  • These categorizations are generalizations, and based on my current understanding.
  • Your consciousness can be strong in all 3 dimensions at the same time (so it's not an either or).
  • The model appllies for both peak and baseline consciousness. 
  • In the previous post I described some points in more detail.


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4 Dimension of Consciousness 

My updated model is made of 4 main dimensions:

  • Void Dimension. Becoming more formless, more spacious. Awakening realisations become more intense, immersive and actual.
  • Pure Consciousness Dimension. High consciousness in terms of being close to God Realisation 
  • Magnitude Dimension. The magnitude of consciousness in a human is far higher than in a rabbit. And it is far higher in a god (astral entity like Zeus) than in a human. I wrote a bit more about the Magnitude dimension Here
  • Alertness Dimension. During deep sleep it's at cero. When you are conscious it has a certain value. When you take coffee it increases even more

Sometimes there is a correlation between these dimensions, but from a broader perspective they are independent of each other and any combination is possible.

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Rating different models of consciousness, entities and techniques regarding their percentage distribution of the different dimensions of consciousness.

That means these are not absolute numbers.

That means if for example one technique has 60% void and another technique has 60% void too, then that doesn't mean that they target the void dimension equally strongly. One technique could easily target the void dimension 10 times as strongly. 

It just means that the relative share of void is 60% for both techniques. 


  • Ramaji's 1000 LOC Scale from 600-1000: pure consciousness (100%)


  • David Hawkins 1000 LOC Scale from 600-1000: magnitude (50%), void (25%), pure consciousness (25%) 


  • 10 Ox Herding Pictures: pure consciousness (50%), void (45%), magnitude (5%)


  •  Law Of One 7 Density Model, beyond 3rd density: magnitude (80%), pure consciousness (10%), void (10%)


  • Non-Physical Gods (like Zeus) and Angels: magnitude (80%), void (12%), pure consciousness (8%)


  • Ascended Masters: magnitude (40%), pure consciousness (30%), void (30%)


  • Advanced Invocations: magnitude (40%), void (30%), pure consciousness (30%)


  • Psychedelics: void (45%), pure consciousness (35%), magnitude (20%)


  • 5-MeO-DMT: pure consciousness (60%), magnitude (25%), void (15%)


  • Brahman Consciousness: void (70%), magnitude (20%), pure consciousness (10%) 


  • Sleep Yoga: void (80%), magnitude (10%), pure consciousness (10%)


I made these ratings on the fly.

Based on my experiences, psychic perception, understanding, and assumptions. 

So these ratings might be far from accurate but maybe they help to better understand these different dimensions. 

It is extremely likely that I will change my mind about these ratings at some point.

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Recognition Dimension 

I don't really see the recognition dimension as a distinct dimension anymore.

I rather see it as a part of the pure consciousness dimension. 

When the pure consciousness dimension is low, we have normal human consciousness. 

When the pure consciousness dimension increases then we get to what I initially labeled the recognition dimension. 

When the pure consciousness dimension increases a lot more you have a spiritual awakening.

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I also think I'm no longer gonna use the term "pure consciousness". Because it sounds a bit strange and maybe is slightly confusing. 

I think the term "Illumination" fits better.

So I think I'm gonna use that term instead from now on.

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Here is my updated version of this model:

I added a 5th dimension and changed the void dimension. 

And I made the explanations of the Illumination and void dimension clearer and hopefully easier to understand. 

I made a new thread so that the clearer and more comprehensive version is right at the top. And people don't needlessly read through a outdated version first.

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