Chemtrails - What In The World Are They Spraying?

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I'm actually very worried about chemtrails as far they're increasing brutally en Europe. I live in Spain and yesterday I saw more than 20, no kidding.

I know they are used in geo-engineering to erase clouds, and for heating the planet, because we shold be in a glacial era but they create an artificial global warming.

Investigating I noticed that some ones create artificial clouds and others avoid rain possibly to (sell monsanto GMO seeds that can tolerate dry weathers).

But the most negative consequence is that this heavy metals produce alzheimer, cancer, autoimmune diseases, sexual sterility.

I'm so worried to the point of contemplating leaving my life here and live in another part of the world chemtrail free, like south america or africa.

I feel itchy skin and headaches the days when they spray a lot.

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I know the tap water is very bad in Barcelona, like some kind of gas chamber when taking a shower (aghhhh it BURNS!!!). Don't know how true it is, but heard some of it was to do with pig farming in Spain. 

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