Chemtrails - What In The World Are They Spraying?

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Lol. Can any of you actually disprove the points I made earlier? Yaknow, the scientifically proven facts, word of mouth and physical evidence? :)


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On 2. 1. 2017 at 9:52 PM, Light Lover said:

Thankyou for sharing this :)

I am afraid to say it is true. There is more undenialable evidence than this and the counter arguments make no sense, only used by those who don't want to heart it, for obvious reasons, it's fucking horrible. Look in the sky at the right time, when bright, and when sprayed, you will see the glitter of particles not found indoors or outdoors, physical proof right there that this is the stuff being dumped onto us almost daily. You can't unsee it. I don't want anyone here to try it out, but if you spend more than 2 hours out in a heavily sprayed sky on that day, you will feel really bad afterward, like you have just been stuffed full of nasty stuff in your body, which is of course, what has happened. Final big bits of evidence are the fact that this independent lab research has verified that all of this is true and is in the soil, rainwater and sky, Ted Gunderson and DR. Russel Blaylock have spoken out against it, it is on the new vatican coin, the pilots are military and are not on flight paths and finally, they are in the back of pretty much all games and media, even if the game is set in medieval times, to condition people to think this is normal. So anyone who knocks this off as a 'conspirary theory', well...you get my drift.  Why are they doing this you ask? Agenda 21. The only arguments against this are by those with cognitive dissonance.

Glitter of particles not found indoors or outdoors? Are you sure? You are looking on stuff that is kilometers above you, do you think you can actually identify much of it? Heavily sprayed sky? Have you ever heard of placebo effect? Can you share a study where people who are outside and inside are compared? Thats what I call scientific proof when you mention it, you would also feel bad afterwards, it is not like the outside and inside are so closed from each other. Can you share those independent lab researches? I have found only people doing science wrongly, as the link that I share about the original video mentioned. Oh wait, Vatican coin, could it be just contrail (and how would Vatican coin prove chemtrails btw even if they meant chemtrails by it? Why non of the military pilots ever shared this with a public? How are they influencing games set in medieval times?

You spit out evidence but I can not see how it makes sense.


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