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I'm giving the life purpose course another go (after failing to finish it), and I'm currently doing the values assessement. There's some values that really speak to me (like Passion) but when I think about what they mean to me concretely they remain vague and elusive. Like I can't pinpoint what following the value of passion looks like, because it's almost like it's synonymous with following your values in general (same as authenticity) and it's the whole point of taking the life purpose course.

I hope I'm not overthinking this. Should you work with values that u feel are meaningful to you but aren't clear and precise in your mind? @Leo Gura

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For me it has been taking a lot of distilling. The values you lay out are only as valuable to you as is their ability to point you in a direction of action, in my mind. 
you can have vague values but they won’t help you as much as looking more at what is true for you.

Workin' on my night moves.

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