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the hardest part of life in my opinion is that we find a particular view point and we stick to it and we even mastery it at some point but eventually its get old and we want a new challenge but it is hard to give up on something that we dedicated so much time to but the key to life is not fall in love with these methods or concepts and not to be afraid to try something new or even risky you have to put your neck on the chopping block to feel alive life is meant to lived without regrets as you get older you will have regrets lost love or certain opportunities have been squandered if we just could live life without expecting a certain outcome it would be better more authentic in my opinion we get to attach to the outcome I know we have to measure some things to see some type of progress but the point of all this is to experiment with life and understand what we actually are in I mean this life is so short once you are gone you will be forgotten well most of us so why not make the most of it why keep playing small ball 

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Wow, is that one sentence? 

I see what you mean. Yeah, all this stuff is hard to reconcile and to balance. We have to come to terms with all of this in our own way.

"Now here's the Sun and it's alright, Now here's the Moon and It's alright..But every-time you close your eyes... Lies" -Arcade Fire Rebellion

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