The philosopher Georg Hegel was ahead of his time

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On 7/13/2021 at 3:48 PM, Runtz said:

@Leo Gura It would be cool if you made a video discussing Hegel, maybe in a blog type video, and compare his ideas with yours.

@Leo Gura


I found Ken Wilber's take on the German Idealist school to be compelling:

Namely that they were on the right track, but because they were lacking a contemplative method to verify thier insights, their ideas were reduced to 'mere' metaphysics, and thus they were unable to build the credibility necessary to turn thier ideas to a new paradigm.

I would also add the fact that they were unable to communicate thier ideas in a clear, non-convoluted way also contributed to this. Seems like they were sorely lacking what we would call today public intellectuals who could present these ideas in a straightforward way to the public.

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