What a truly self aware women is like reagarding dating

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This is the standard females should have regarding awareness of what they like. This kind of stuff should have views. One of the few females i have seen both online and in real life that ACTUALLY understands this shit. Very honest and objective. The first blind spot is arguably the biggest one. A must watch for you ladies on this forumn and arguably guys too.


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  1. Women tell men that they want nice men but women are attracted to assholes but don't admit it thus confusing men. Women are talking about 20% men. 
  2. Women don't understand how few women guys sleep with. Men have to work hard to get laid
  3. Contradiction between old style fairy tale romance and modern feminism. Women think men already know their fantasies. 
  4. Women don't understand how easy it's to go out and get sex although they don't act on this privilege. However women are trained to fear being considered a slut. So they don't approach men. Sex negativity 
  5. Women don't understand the emotional labor that men do in relationships. 



 INTP loner... .shy girl..

Preety preety


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