I'm in a hardcore 'artistic crisis'. Help?

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3 hours ago, ivankiss said:

@Applegarden8 Haha dude! That tuning be low as hell!

Lovely chuggery! The dj0nt is strong within this one :D

Keep it up!

On 2021.05.16. at 3:18 PM, ivankiss said:

Check this out. It's an old project of mine that never really got to see the light of the day. I was in a mess while working on it. I failed utterly to release and market it properly. So I kinda left it there - as it was. Nearly no one knows abou it. But it means a world to me.

It's a journey filled with horror and delight. It was a catalyst to my highest awakening. And it never got the recognition it deserved. Because I lacked the skills and the resources. Cannot let that happen again.

I present you the most unique stuff I've created so far. Porcelain Safe - Note To Self;


Hey, hope I relieved you! Thanks for your feedback, it really means much to me. IMO, you shouldn't quit guitar or leave metal influence out of your playing. Or stop doing something because it seemed frustratinf at that time. I am acctually try to solve that exact problem by looking at it from various angles. How should my lifestyle be, to make such music, what are most efficient ways of doing it when I am with the instrument, what can you do without the instrument. How to keep consistency from the very basics, stabilizing how you feel or the amount of say you have in how you feel so you can choose more often. What are the best things to resolve to do creative work and how to. I will do series in my journal of making all of that as efficient as I can. Stay cool, keep calm! 


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If you get rid of all your other hobbies and don't socialise as much (temporarily) you can work on your music for 2 - 3 hours everyday after you're done earning money.

I don't know where you live, but you could save up a lot of money in the US and then go to some country where everything is cheaper. (There's a lot of countries in Europe where you can live as comfortably as in the US but for 1 / 3 the price)

That way you won't have to save up for as many years.

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