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I say that this is serious because there has been no other question that I have ever had on this journey so far that I feel so open to having an answer for, hence the question.

Could it be that all of reality is consciousness itself?

I'm aware of the cliché of this question, but what makes it serious is that at this point, my mind is open enough for the answer.


My own contemplations:

  • If it's true that reality is consciousness itself, that would mean that any thoughts that I have had about what reality is made out of is completely backwards. Specifically the thoughts that reality is made out of atoms, or whatever possible thought that attempts to invalidate this question.
  • We might think that reality is made out of atoms, or waves, or energy, to form all these holons, etc. When this question hit me, I was in the middle of a walk thinking about how reality must be made out of the same energy, taking different forms and different vibrational frequencies. Are you with me? Because here comes the question which jerks my tears: Could it be that all of reality is consciousness itself?
    • You know the consciousness we all experience? The awareness of things? What if reality is made out of  Consciousness, and Nothing else!? It's completely backwards relative to any other explanation, such as atoms, energy, etc.
  • The consciousness "Of" reality, being the substance of reality. Holy...
  • But where is the separation between me and the consciousness "of" reality? "Of" entails that there is a seer;
    • Could it be that all of reality is consciousness, without a seer???!!!
  • WHAT?!
  • Okay, that one sinks in. But if it's true, then how is consciousness?
    • Now, thoughts are appearing of the complexity of how reality takes different forms.
  • How is consciousness... How is it not?
  • Could it be that consciousness "is", and "is not" at the same time?! As the substance without a seer??!
  • Consciousness could be "not" by always changing shape. But then, how is consciousness constant, relative to constantly changing shape?
  • How can consciousness not be? Is that even possible? Yeah, consciousness can change shape...
  • Is there a shape that consciousness cannot take? No... that's very unintelligent. There is no shape which consciousness cannot take. If consciousness can take shape, obviously even change chape, then it's very unintelligent for consciousness to not be able to take "certain shapes". It seems like what enables consciousness to take shape, also enables consciousness to take any shape. But then...
  • What enables consciousness to be & take shapes?
  • ...
  • Nothing?
  • Is it nothing?
  • Could it be that "Nothing" is what enables consciousness to be?
  • Well, the existence of absolutely nothing enables absolutely every shape to exist. How? Because the existence of absolutely nothing, means that it's substracted from all form. If consciousness, as the substance without a seer, strips away all forms, as there is no shape that consciousness cannot take, then, the stripping away of all form means that absolutely nothing remains.
  • Could it be that absolutely nothing, is absolutely everything?
  • It seems like the ability to take any shape, comes from the ability to let go of those very shapes. Because if one clings on to specific shapes, then reality is limited in its ability to take shapes. For shapes to be, shapes also has to not be. Can certain shapes be prioritized to be? -> No, by the same mechanics as reality can't be limited in its ability to take certain shapes; it cannot be limited in letting go of certain shapes either.
  • If we let go of all shapes, we get nothing. If we let all shapes exist, we get everything.
  • But for everything to exist, everything has to also be let go of, because why would reality ever cling on to specific things?
  • Could it be that existence is nothing, and everything, at the same time??  Yes.... :x. Because for something to be, it has to be not.
    • For specific things to take shape, it first has to lose it's shape. And for everything to take shape, it first has to have no shape at all. For shapes to even exist, they have to not be.
    • For consciousness to be, it has to "be not". It seems like "shapelessness" and "shapes" must exist simultaneously. As if the substance of shapes is nothing and everything.
    • And that's a great solution. That's a great solution.
  • For when nothingness and consciousness intertwine, it allows reality to be. Anything. It also has to be everything, for it to even exist, as nothing and everything simultaneously. Everything = infinite.
  • Could it be that all of reality is consciousness itself?

    Haha... Yes it can. Because it's nothing - everything - infinite.


Guys, God is inside.

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