5 principles of Seduction - James Marshall

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It is a 5 week program. The author of the program is into eastern philosophy and Buddhism. Every week you get the theory and the missions of 1 of the 5 principles. This is a principle based program. 

I loved how James gives chakra references during the lessons. For example he says you should be in touch with your root and heart chakra. This helped me a lot since I'm in my head most of the time. 

You really need to do the exercises to get something out of it. This program actually made me approach girls a lot. He asks to approach 5 girls per day in some weeks. I couldn't do that but I believe I still got a lot of value out of this program. 


My journal on self-actualization, relationships and dating:

Pickup Express Journal


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@StarStruck  Did you get laid? how fast? What value did you from it?

"Sometimes when it's dark - we have to be the light in our own tunnel"

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