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Self talk

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@Preety_India now the next step is to build yourself back. 

To make yourself stronger.

In this regard you'll need to focus on a lot of different things.

That would be a part of rigorous self empowerment. I will call it MM.

One statement to say to yourself is " you deserve this "

Think of all the opportunity cost lost in spending your energy defending yourself against trolls. Within the same amount of time you could build valuable useful and supportive relationships. You could learn from these valuable relationships. Learn a lot of things. Plus you could learn from other sources like books. 

These relationships could build up to become useful in time. 

Build yourself up. 

Plus be extremely careful this time since you have blocked a lot of people. 

Build up your skills. Show your fangs.

The only way good people can survive is by waking up from slumber and turning into a juggernaut and becoming empowered, extremely empowered. You beat the system so nothing beats you. Think of Michael Jordan.


Yes the pressure is very high but it's way better that way. At the highest seat, God is waiting for you. 

The answer does not lie in being polite. The answer lies in being tough. Kick in the gut. This training should be given to all good people. 

This is the only way humble people can survive. 

These are the supplementary things that you need to be doing to build up your arsenal apart from having strict boundaries and standards. The tougher, the higher, the better. You raise your vibration and you raise your value and quality. And why not? You're a gift of God. And so are all good people. You absolutely deserve it. 

Keep preaching. 

Think of Mainstream media. It's a juggernaut. It has turned out beautiful. 

It has turned into a Mega corporation!!!

Now who can stop it.

All good people have to be a part of it.

Only then do you come to the highest seat of protection or else you die down in the gladiator fight.

Join the mainstream.

Think of Megalodon 




In this case, the core things that you need to focus on are.

~ manipulation 

~ Machiavellianism

~ Supremacy 

~ empowerment 

~ MM 

~ excellence

~ unbeatability 

~ toughness and support 

~ learning, knowledge and skill

~ being a strategic motherfucker

~ digging all rabbit holes 

~chaotic growth. Think of Hailey's comet.

~ juggernaut 

~self esteem building 

~high productivity 

~ the ability to remain unimpacted and forward focus 

~ faith in God 

~ belief in miracles 

~ dragon energy 

~ laser focus 

~ passion and purpose 

~ loyal friends 

~ removing and deleting unhelpful elements. Time wasters and energy wasters. Remember boundaries. Even if someone gives you something as constructive, and or presents it that way , if it's unhelpful and your intuition is already telling you that its unhelpful then simply say no and reject it entirely. Don't care for rules. 

~ maturity. Intellectual and emotional 

~ say no firmly and outrightly. Without guilt or shame. If someone says you have to do this but if you don't like it, tell them straight that you won't do it even if they are trying to control you. Even if they persist. Say no straight up. And say " I don't like it and so I won't do it. " you have to prove nothing. You owe nothing. You are bounded by nothing. Understand this natural freedom. This freedom is a great supporter and advantage, a great privilege that the Satan can only envy, because Satan can do everything in the world but cannot kill freedom. Loser guy. So when you fully exercise this freedom,you're showing your PERSONAL POWER. I'll do it my way, my way and only my way. The Satan will only keep watching helplessly, frustrated and in disgust. You can laugh because its your time.


~dont give energy and attention to satan .they die in ennui. 


~ be yourself but also integrate and experiment different temporary integrations. See how it feels in each role 

~ propelling forward 



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 INFJ loner... .shy girl.. 

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