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I am realizing that I am a dreaming machine and I cannot stop dreaming people and planets and all of that into being. It is the nature of God to create. I just cannot stop dreaming, in every frickin moment I am dreaming something. It is impossible to stop hallucinating answers and so on. So, I say, dude, feel good. Care about feeling good so that you're hallucinating what you do like. And when you feel off, know that it is your guidance telling you that in this moment you're hallucinating what you don't want. Feel good, so that you're imagining people as you like them to be instead of as assholes. When I am imagining anyone as an asshole I feel off, that is my guidance telling me to relax and resonate, be one, with the positive imagination, the positive knowing. 

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you are also the living machine

there's only this - call it dreaming or living. that's just a term. but this is all there is. it's temporary being watched by the permanent. you're the permanent. 

Love Is The Answer

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