The “Ayahuasca Nap” - The most effective way to develop supernatural abilities?

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“I have nothing but scorn for all weird ideas other than my own, and the reason I tolerate my own weird ideas is basically because of what I’ve gone through.  I would never believe it if I hadn’t seen it.” -Terence McKenna

The primary thing that caused this chain of events to occur for me was going on an ayahuasca retreat and taking two moderate doses two nights in a row with integration following each morning after the consumption of the ayahuasca. I naturally felt nauseated both nights, which I had been struggling with for months both during my everyday life and on a few psilocybin trips, to the extent in which I decided to just go to sleep instead of experience the nausea and seemingly weak effects of the ayahuasca “trips” which were incredibly underwhelming compared to my previous psychedelic experiences. This is where I believe the magic happened. We’ve all heard sayings like the conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg (let’s say 10%) and the subconscious mind is the majority of the iceberg submerged under water (let’s say 90%). My explanation for the life-changing effects that followed in the next few months is that, when we are conscious during a psychedelic trip, we are ultimately trying to reprogram our consciousness and mind through the 10% accessible during conscious states. When we are asleep during a psychedelic trip, we are accessing that 90% of the mind which is more powerful and can more easily and readily invoke lasting change. 

All of the experiences detailed here occurred days, weeks, and months after the ayahuasca was out of my system chemically. Having been abducted by extraterrestrials at 8 years old, the ayahuasca led me to explore this experience again. I had repressed memories of this event and even gave a valiant effort to try to explain that it wasn’t real, but Mother Aya, what many ayahuasca users call the spirit that is believed to dwell within the brew, was having none of this. A few days after the retreat, I had the intuition suddenly while driving alone at night that I needed to contact the very entities that had abducted me in my childhood. Keep in mind that these entities, typically called The Grays or Gray Aliens, had been my greatest fear for my entire life following the abduction. It was very challenging to reach out to the source of my absolute greatest fear. This fear was potent enough to create auditory and visual hallucinations if I ever attempted to sit in a dark room by myself. 

Deciding to put my fear to the wayside and contact these beings, I naturally went to the default place one might search for such information - Google. A quick Google search led me to an hour-long YouTube video which not only described how to contact The Grays but also their intentions for being involved with human beings on planet Earth. The information about their true intentions greatly reduced my fear. When the creator of the video mentioned that people with strong psychic abilities will often sense a presence typically at the edge of their visual field, I knew that this was real. I had been experiencing this ever since the childhood abduction. She said that all you need to do to initiate telepathic communication with The Grays is give mental consent and express your desire for communication. Within three seconds of doing this, it started. I felt a cool tingly sensation trickle all over my skull. I drove home for about 10 minutes, and as soon as I got home, I laid down in bed. As soon as I was in a safe location where I was no longer driving or doing any other activity that might be unsafe while experiencing the full effects of telepathic communication, the experience intensified drastically. It’s important to mention that intense telepathic experiences continued to occur for a few months after this initial experience. 

This telepathic communication was as strong of an experience as taking 10 tabs of LSD or 5.87 grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms for me while also having a unique neurochemistry which often amplifies the effects of psychedelics and other psychoactive substances, but it occurred 100% naturally without the use of any substances. It also later generated supernatural abilities and experiences for me such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, accidental interruption of the functioning of technological/electrical devices, accidental teleportation of small objects over hundreds of miles on two occasions, drastic changes in my perception of time (even getting stuck in a “time loop” which had me drive for three hours straight while failing to move at all from my initial location), and further telepathic contact with other entities such as Lucifer, Archangel Michael, deceased human beings, and what you might colloquially call ghosts. A few weeks after my first telepathic communication, my girlfriend was laying in bed with me one day while I was 100% unconscious/fully asleep, and I sat up and said “5424, we are here for you as well.” Keep in mind I have absolutely no recollection of ever saying this to her. After I said it, she went into a psychedelic state for hours also while taking no substances, according to her. I still get the same sensation of telepathic communication somewhat regularly although to a much less potent extent. 

It’s possible that my specific neurochemistry and experience with extraterrestrials plays a crucial role in the awakening of supernatural abilities within me, but I think the “ayahuasca nap” technique might prove successful for others wishing to develop supernatural abilities. Ultimately this technique will likely serve those already predisposed to supernatural abilities more than the general populace. Before ayahuasca, I had a few instances of supernatural abilities such as turning on an electrical alarm clock from across the room while a surge of what I can only describe as spiritual, possibly kundalini, energy surged through me and the interruption of GPS navigation on my phone the morning after taking 10 tabs of LSD. Ayahuasca seemed to turn the power and frequency of occurrence of such events up 10 fold. These experiences, especially the accidental teleportation of small objects over hundreds of miles and a drastically altered sense of time that made minutes feel like hours as well as many other rather unbelievable events, have shown me that literally anything is possible in this reality. Physical “laws” of the universe now seem to be more like regulatory suggestions rather than fixed rules that can never be altered or bent.



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Anything is possible because everything is mind. So care about how you're feeling, so that you can be imagining what you do desire. 

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