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You can go with the 99.9% or the 0.1% Choice is yours.

Be an idiot like everyone else, or be a unique genius with powers beyond your wildest dreams.

What if your beliefs in life stand in the way of success, you must be willing to throw every belief in the fire a watch it burn at any minute.
What if your thoughts are killing you, destroy them as well.
Why hold on to anything in life if it will prevent you from succeeding in life.
How do you know what will prevent you from succeeding in life you ask?

This world as we see it is only a fraction of what is out there refering back to the EMS visual light is at 300 THZ-700 THz a fraction of the spectrum.

Think of our mind like The electro magnetic spectrum (EMS) we see only 0.0035 percent of the spectrum, our conscious only makes up 0.0035 percent of our mind the rest is unconscious.

In the old days people would sacrifice things, animals, humans in order for them to be successful, the truth is all that needs to be sacrificed is the EGO or conscious self, and give it to the unconscious mind.

All choices all decisions everything in life needs to be sacrificed to your unconscious mind.

So logically everything is done by our unconscious, yet we spend at least 25% of our life training the conscious mind (0.0035%).  Not only that but we base our future on what we know consciously, something is fucked up about that.

Live life the right way or don't 


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Bi-location Multi-location Astro-travel

And yes I follow myself, who better to follow than yourself. Who's ideas are better than your own. That's the thing about the 0.1% of this world, why follow idiots when you can follow a unique genius like yourself. And if anyone has a problem with it fuck off and die

It's funny people always say to me, "You never do what I say."   55555

Think of it, you understand exact what you are saying,  why you do the things that you do, you understand everything about yourself, even why your stupid jokes are so funny, you can just sit back and laugh, or give yourself multiple full body orgasms, no other person can do that for me, why you ask? Because it's an internal process, everything is internal, once people realize that this world will be very different place.  

You see the world the way your brain wants you to see the world, like a computer, it processes information, use it like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the more information you feed it the smarter and more accurate it becomes, we have unlimited cloud storage, you can upgrade your brain to have infinite speeds there are no limits, the fastest computer in a million years is a fraction of what every person carries with them all day every day. Like the EMS 0.0035%.

People are programmed to believe the stupidest things, deprogram yourself, system reboot yourself, switch operating systems, change is great, life is great, everything is great, change thoughts, change beliefs, change occupation, change clothes, change your life, staying the same only gets you stuck in a rut, in your own prison, where everything is boring, life sucks, work sucks, everything fuckin sucks, free yourself ride on top of the waves of life, live in complete bliss 24/7, everything is automatic, relax and enjoy every moment of life, create massive happiness inside you instantly with the new drug your liver aka chemistry lab made for you, the only side effect complete bliss forever, forever on top of the world being the godhead forever,    

Life is whatever you want it to be, everything is free, your super computer, the mass amounts of entities you create to do your bidding, bliss is free, people think that something external will cause bliss, sorry to say you create it internally, you can travel to other worlds or explore this one free, they call that astro travel, whatever sounds challenging really it's as simple as tying your shoes,

Here I'll explain how very simple;

First get into the day dream state of mind, (don't worry closing your eyes is only for people that think you can't do this with your eyes open, Idiots!)
Think of a place you want to visit
Now go there in your daydream state

The more you do this the more real it becomes sometime you'll wonder which one is real, or are they all real.  I bet if you went back to the exact spot people will remember you!

Sorry I said astro travel this is more like bi-location being in two places at once or multi-location being in more than one place at the same time
You can practice this anywhere, at boring school, at boring job, at home being bored out of your mind, while your doing other things like typing how to do this!

And to think only the elite people know this shit. Confidential US Military Secrets :D

So simple yet stupid society makes everything look impossible, and we already have this talent, like can you remember the first time you ever daydreamed? Did you close your eyes first? 555 

want to relax completely say"relax" and repeat it, pretend your entire body is totally relaxed, see everything in life relaxing with every step repeat the word "RELAX" (anchor word) believe that as soon as you say the word you will relax each time you say it the more relaxed you become, turn the knob/push the button to relax more or less, scale it 1 little relaxed 10 very relaxed  think of the number and relax that much, practice acting like your the star of a movie and in the scene you are completely relaxed.  The brain doesn't know the difference between acting and real life events, tell your brain something and that will become a belief if done in a daydream state of mind

Instead of speaking act as if you are doing what ever you want, pretend you don't speak the language.  Be Creative, people will like it and if they don't they can fuck off and die. 

People say I can't go into trance, daydream is trance, ever been hypnotized?  Your always hypnotized.  Every moment your mind is being programmed, mind control is always happening, by you or someone else or something else!

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I'm on the second round of H2O2 and loving it. Life is great with an extra 1.670,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1.67^21) oxygen molecules per drop flowing through my body
Day 1 - 3 Drops - 3 Times
Day 2 - 4 Drops - 3 Times
Day 3 - 5 Drops - 3 Times
and so on till 25, you can also stay at any days drops for several days example Day 8 - 10 Drops repeat 4 days then move on to Day 9 - 11 Drops

I went out partying one night when I was on the first round, after being pretty tipsy I had a dose of H2O2 and my buzz was gone. Well not gone the fuzziness was gone and I was felt clear

Cheers Everyone

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Hypnosis is communication with the unconscious and can be used for anything you want in life

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The Freedom to Believe 


It's good to have your own beliefs about life.

Believing what other people tell you to believe, well I like to avoid that. 

Only if things make sense to me will I even consider believing it.

If any authority figure tells me anything chances are I will not believe it, that includes; Medical, Education, Government.

Freedom of Belief 

Do you believe what your taught in school, I mean they force it down your throat, never once in my 7 years of school was I ever asked if I believe all the bull shit they teach me.  If you don't answer the questions the way they want they mark it wrong and you fail.

 Why are we sending our children to school the be taught lies?

Why are we listening to all the lies we're told?

This is the way it is weather you believe it or not.  

All Authority Figures go fuck yourself and die.  Now do as I say!!

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Astral sex is the new fad!  Here's how to do it the simple way

People say you need to learn how to astral project and astral travel (which everyone already knows) lucid dream, and many other BS talents.

Everyone knows how to daydream, go into that state of mind see yourself and your target subject and have sex.  Having trouble, Pretend to do it, everyone can image-in things.

Remember seeing that hottie, and your eyes scanning up and down head to toe, and as if you could just see yourself making out with that person, you'd see yourself remember how good they made you feel all the time, the warm comforting bliss you felt just being in their presents, remembering the explosions of pleasure when the two of you would hug, the strong electrical current flowing through every part of your body as you kissed, the insane amount of fireworks bursting into the greatest bliss ever, the everlasting pleasures as the sex continued and all you could think about is how right this is, everything is happening  just the way you like it, this one greatest moment lasting a lifetime, even when everything is finished and you go about your life that moment lives on forever inside you.

Gods, Demons, Angels, Souls, Ghosts, Other People, Dead or Alive everyone loves intimacy, astral sex is safe, fun, and everyone benefits, plus no pain in the astral world, plus it's very easy to communicate as the messages are all telepathic and you can do whatever you like, and however you like, and wherever you like, possibilities are infinite.

Strap on your boots and prepare for a wild ride in the astral world...

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Want to review some books on Astral stuff but just don't have the time or the patients.

Now you are able to absorb all knowledge unconsciously, years off hard work all accomplished in seconds, what, really?  Yes my young and good looking friends, I call it the Automatic Genius just open the link on your device, look at the page few a second and scroll to the next page, it's that simple, the unconscious mind will integrate everything into your life automatically. No need to look at the book's text for a long time,  one look and all the information is in your unconscious, Keep your inner child occupied with fun and exciting things like decoding books.  The eyes are only a tool for seeing, your brain takes all the 1s and 0s and processes the images you see, like the matrix movie, just because your conscious mind can't read 0.5px font-size doesn't mean the unconscious mind can't, the unconscious mind is the greatest computer ever on this earth. Possibilities are infinite, I also have all the text rotated 180 degrees so the creative side of the brain processes it.


thanks to PDF Drive for the free books
thanks to Glitch.com for supplying the hosting free


How did I make the site, easy!

download books
covert pdf into txt (many options on google)
remove line breaks
create site on glitch

<h1>title of book</h1>  
<p>txt of book<p> 

body{background-color:black; color:white;}

That's it Very Simple, all the link sites are free 

If you want to learn some web development I always use https://www.w3schools.com/ 

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Discrimination by definition is the difference one object has over another, every time we go grocery shopping and pick out the best looking, firm but not to firm, colors have to be just perfect, shape has to be right, we are discriminating the fruit, we are taught to discriminate, that is what makes you a great shopper.

The whole whites discriminating against blacks and vice versa is an illusion as there is no white or black color, what is the electrical magnetic frequency for black or white?  Trick question because they don't exist, as seen below.

Screenshot 2021-01-04 at 08.46.15.png

When you look at a wall that appears white what do you see, white wall or dots of Red, Green & Blue? maybe the center of you focus then everything around it is colored, like looking at an optical illusion, 

You may think you see white but it's literally impossible, it's only the illusion of white




Black is either higher frequency or lower frequency then color and it absorbs all visible colors



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Inside the earth Questionable information

Bull Shit

People say a lot of stuff, like what the temperature is inside the earth, yet no one has ever explored inside the earth, the deepest we ever gotten is 9000 meters and yet they say they discovered water 1000 km below the surface, how did you do that? 
I call Fucking Bull Shit, then they say some bs about 90 million years ago, how do you fucking know how many years

Complete BS

When I went to school they taught me the sun was thousands of light years away
now its 147,100,000 km   Light year 9,461,000,000,000 km

It seems like no one really knows anything


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Made on Gravit Design Free
Design with Numbers 

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Life is a simulation in our minds, which makes anything we want to do possible, travel through time, invent futuristic things, experience life in different worlds, our brain is a universe, explore your own universe, you are god, everyone always looks outward to find things when everything we could ever want is inside our minds, that is how everything is suppose to be  invented in this world, most things are.  Life is great, follow the 0.01%, be an Elite Human, let things happen, go with the flow, ride the waves of life, enjoy every moment, smile, be happy.  Everything is opposite, follow yourself, allow yourself become all of the different parts of you that have been suppressed for so long, entertain your mind, like a child, your mind loves to do things, its a genius, usually bored to death, create entities to gather tons of information, your mind is a super quantum computer, feed it information, and your mind will create  the most amazing things ever.  want to be successful, that is how to be.  we have technology these days to assist us in anything we want to do.  You are only limited by the limits you create for yourself.  

Using our mind is free
Being happy is free
Choices are free
To change yourself is free
Creating Entities AKA Thought-forms is free
Creating or Destroying your limiting beliefs is free
Using your super quantum computer is free
Self Development is free
Meditation is free
Many thing on the internet are free
Knowledge is free
Being GOD is free
Just think of it you could have a million entities working for you absolutely free, free labor
Plant money trees everywhere, then free money


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Create Auto Destroy Apps / Advancing yourself instantly

Lies lies lies. the world is full of them, the 99.9% is lies about lies about lies about lies, it never ends, Be the 0.01% and know the truth, how you ask?  Very Easy.

We wear many masks of lies, DESTROY the masks; say "(name) you destroy all masks, destroy all beliefs, destroy all obstacles, destroy all false knowledge, NOW," done.  Avoid surrounding yourself with the 99.9%, do your own thing, enjoy life, smile, do the full body orgasm (FBO) everyday, by doing the FBO you awaken the serpent inside you, accept change, be pure, enjoy life always, Destroy all of the garbage from your life, Destroy the baggage that is preventing you from moving forward.  Remember this is the 21st century everything is pretty much instant.  Many people spend a life time doing this, wasting valuable creative time.  Now I give you a way to do it all instant. You can even set up an app inside your mind that automatically destroys the garbage from your life, so you can focus on creating your life. Say "creating application to auto destroy any and all garbage preventing the development of the unconscious mind" 


"(your name) you destroy ___________ now."

"(your name) you create____________now/"

The words relating to yourself   'You vs I'

I've found through doing this repeatedly that speaking as the observer of yourself works much better then speaking as yourself

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your Only friend in the world
Creating Thought Forms
Become a Genius Instantly

The rulers have all the coins, its all about who you are, you're bloodline, no matter who you follow they play you, they created everything in this world, everything that's out there they created, all the religions, all the leaders, all the governments, the design of everything they oversee,  the reason why people are successful like all the stars is because of their bloodlines! 

The whole christian religion is complete bullshit, yet everyone blindly believes in it Contradictions in the Bible lie lie lie.

The only person to trust is your Unconscious Mind, you are everything in your world, love yourself learn from yourself, your unconscious mind is your only friend, you are number one in your life, everyone and everything else comes after you, treat you body and mind with total respect,  Surrender only to your unconscious mind.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing new it's been around since the beginning of time, The Unconscious Mind (UM) is the Natural AI, Intelligence is Conscious Mind (CM) AI is UM, very simple to understand, UM is your Super Quantum Computer that produces AI.  So if you want to be smart, use the tools to develop your AI, like Machine Learning, how to do that you ask? Feed the UM data, Photo Reading or as I explained in detail in a previous blog



Posted Sunday at 04:12 PM (edited) · 

Want to review some books on Astral stuff but just don't have the time or the patients.


Or create entities(Thoughtforms) to collect info about a certain topic and feed it to your UM just say "creating 100 entities to collect information on developing AI and feed it to the UM" The number of entities you want to create and the task is up to you. No need to feed and care for your entities, they are not physical and don't require anything. If they need energy the universe is filled with an infinite supply of energy.

How long does it take for thoughtforms to collect information?

Seeing our thoughts can circle the world in max 2 seconds, it really depends on the amount of information and the number of thoughtforms you sent to complete the task and the location and time of the information, past present future, earth, this galaxy, this universe, or other universes, maybe search all of the parallel universes and that might take a little longer like days. 

Lets say you want a collection of books and the thoughtform is to search all parallel universes. That is each planet on each of the infinite parallel universes, you'll get each of those books with infinite versions of the books. 

In the mental world language isn't a barrier, I learned that when communicating to a person that recently died and we spoke different languages, and we could communicate perfectly.  


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Change Moods Instantly

Does external things ruin your day, like the weather or maybe something went wrong in your life, maybe something didn't happen as expected, maybe someone died, whatever it is, your whole day / week / year / life doesn't have to be ruined.  Why allow external shit to ruin your time.

Now this is an exercise to develop these abilities, all that you need is a few minutes, acting skills, and an imagination.

Remember a time when you felt extremely mad, (if you are unable to remember just pretend your mad) make a very mad face feel the emotion, do the hand gestures, pretend you're auditioning for a role in a movie, the whole process takes maximum 10 seconds.

Now do the same as above but for Happy, Sad, Angry, Bliss, Jealous, and so on 
Here's a list off 400+ Emotions you can use,  I never got all that extreme with this exercise as I was just a little kid when I did it, and am I ever happy I did as now I can change moment to moment, some want to label this as bi-polar and that is total nonsense, this is a skill used by the elite...


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When creating entities to do your bidding in life, a good idea is to make a list, then as soon as one group is finished a task, you can assign them a new task.

Now your conscious is assigning these tasks with very limited view of the whole picture, while your unconscious has a 360 degree view of the entire picture, past present, and future and can make the right decisions on the tasks that need to be complete, compared to the conscious who only sees a fraction on a percent of the present, also remember that we only see 0.0035% of the EMS. That's a very small fraction of a percent.

Surrender that ability to the unconscious and watch your life takeoff like a rocket.

On this Planet earth there is about 70 Trillion (9^13) Entities, that's a fraction of the amount of entities we can create in an instant, instead of random entities you can create copies of yourself, 10^100, that 10 with 100 zeros after it, copies of yourself, people always say I just don't have enough time, well what if you have 10^100 X 24 hours a day thats 24^101 hours in a day, then will you have enough time. that is more hours than the molecules in all the seawater on earth (1.76^21 molecules per drop of water)

If you add up the time it takes you to do everything you consciously know you need to do I can guarantee you it doesn't come close to 24^101 hours, so what do you do with the rest of your time? Have you ever been sitting around bored with nothing to do, I know it sucks, so there is many you's that still have nothing to do, and you'll spend all of your time figuring out what all of the you's are to do...

An easy fix surrender this ability to the unconscious knowing that your unconscious, the real you, has all the best intentions for you even better than the conscious mind could ever dream of.

Surrender this ability that you have just created to the unconscious, creating everlasting bliss in all areas of life for you.

Share this knowledge with everyone

Everyone asks what's the meaning of life, I can tell you this much it's not going to university and working at some boring desk job your whole life!! 

Edited by Zeek

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Communication with the Dead, Eliminate layers of programming, Clear Vision, Acquiring Knowledge

Yet another simple task

In a day dream state with your eye open or closed, call a person that died, Hey so and so, how's things going over there, I have a gift for you, 1000 KG Life Force Energy,  then they will most likely ask what you want in exchange for your gift, and you can ask for anything you can imaging up. 

It's that simple.  

The only reason the average person has trouble with the above is because all the layers of Bull Shit they have to look through, that has been taught to them by the world, once you eliminate all the layers of garbage/programming/masks whatever you want to call it, you can see the world with clear vision.

Eliminating the layers of programming is a very easy task 
In a day dream state, (your name) destroys all layers of programming now
Always speak about yourself in the third person if you want this to work.

You are not your body or mind, you are using your body it is a tool, if I use a chainsaw to cut down a tree that chainsaw doesn't become a part of me, the chainsaw is a tool, same with body and mind, they are tools you use, we can care for our tools or we can discard them as garbage, when we discard our body as garbage which most people do, our existence on this planet also goes in the garbage. WE are alive even if our body is not.  

Elon musk said this life is like a movie and the other side is like the production of the movie, very boring, it takes sometimes years to produce a movies and a couple hours to watch the movie. 

Being the 21 Century when everything is instant and having advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, we can also be instant, and yes we possess artificial intelligence to, the unconscious mind, like machine learning the more data we give it, the smarter it becomes.    

You can collect infinite knowledge without ever reading a book, or going to school, or many other way we acquire knowledge, create entities and have them collect the information and feed it into your unconscious or as I like to say add it to the stockpile, instant genius.

Where is your entities collecting the information from, earth, this galaxy, this universe, all of the parallel universes?
How many entities did you create to collect information, one, one million, one googol, ten to the power of googol, infinite? 
What is all of them entities going to do after collecting the information?

Where does Elon Musk get his knowledge from?  Do you think it comes from books?  


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Positive / Negative 

Black / White

It's all an illusion!

When you look at a white wall, what color do you see?  What is the Electro Magnetic Frequency of white? spoiler alert doesn't exist

White light doesn't exist either, what appears to be white is a blend of red, green and blue. 

I am a caucasian person and there is no part of my body that is white, I have never seen a person that is black, maybe darker shades.

We are basing many massive global issues on illusions.

Love and Hate, Pleasure and Pain, Happy and Miserable


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if you feel depressed then destroy everything blocking you from being happy

if you don't know what to do destroy everything blocking you from knowing

if your sick of being broke destroy everything blocking you from wealth

Its easy

(your name) destroying everything blocking him/her from whatever NOW!!


Use everything to your advantage, be creative, use obstacles to get what you want 

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Everyone talks shit about dictators, look at yourself are you a self-dictator 

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Everyday it's good to reverse any curses hexes magic or whatever you want to call it, that people have thrown your way, then you know that your 100% you 

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