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How do I deal with wanting to watch TV/consume information?

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I have an authentic reaction against watching media, Since I’ve watched Leo’s video on why Watching TV is very bad for attention and stying present. I do agree with that. In fact I’ve let go of any desire to watch TV shows and movies like I used to. And I’m slowly  limiting how much I watch youtube and I find that I can go days without watching much youtube. 

watching TV youtube videos or movies seems to me like eating very sugary or salty food. I’m recognizing that It takes my attention away from what’s happening around me in present moment.

I have shortened the time I let myself consume media and its making me more grounded, however every now and then theres this one or two things I really want to watch and I struggle with letting it go. It’s almost like porn back when i used to be tempted to watch porn ( I don’t anymore).


other times it’s like I see things that I can watch for education but I still recognize that it’s TV. And thoughts form about how this is meaningless and I’m not enjoying or limiting myself from learning about what I like.

Have anyone had some experiences like these, and how do you deal with it?

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