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Advocacy Organizations for Addressing Systemic Problems

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I thought it might be useful to put together a thread that could act as a Resource for anyone looking to support Advocacy Organizations that are working towards addressing Systemic Problems in the various countries that we happen to be residing in. 

(Mods - if posting links to outside organizations is against the content guidelines for this forum, feel free to take this down; no hard feelings. Ideally anything posted here should be relatively non-partisan, but I realize Moderation may be required if this thread starts to go off the rails).

I'll kick off this thread with two such Organizations in America, who are working to fix serious Systemic Problems in our Society:

(1) Wolf-PAC

Wolf-PAC is a non-partisan political advocacy organization which seeks to restore free and fair elections in America by limiting the ability of Corporations and Specials Interests to influence our electoral process. They way the seek to do this is by garnering  support for a Constitutional Convention, with the aim of passing Amendments which would revoke the status of legal personhood for Corporations, and limit the ability of Special Interests groups to spend money to influence elections. As of the time of this post, Wolf-PAC has managed to get resolutions passed in California, Vermont, Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. 

Leo gave this organization a recommendation in his Conscious Politics series, so I thought it a good candidate to lead off with.

(2) Campaign Zero

Campaign Zero is an advocacy organization seeking to address the problem of Police Violence in America using well researched, evidence based Policy Proposals. The organization was created by challenges posed to social activists to come up with an Actionable Policy Platform that can be used to begin addressing the issue of Police Reform. A number of these proposals have already been adopted in precincts throughout the country in the wake of the protests against police brutality that have been happening, and the website has a section where you can track the status of Reforms that have been passed or are being considered for the city or state you happen to live in.

The Policy Proposals that Campaign Zero is advocating for are as follows:

(1) An End to Broken Windows Policing
(2) Community Oversight
(3) Limit Use of Force
(4) Independent Investigations and Prosecutions
(5) Community Representation
(6) Film the Police
(7) Training
(8) End Policing for Profit
(9) Demilitarization
(10) Fair Police Contracts

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I'm not posting the link but just posting the name. 

My ex American boyfriend was homeless for some time. So I approached an organization called Coalition for the Homeless. With their help I was able to convince him to join a program that helped him get a job and a proper place to stay. So I'm thankful to the organization for helping my ex bf. 

  Coalition for the Homeless is  the oldest not-for-profit advocacy group focused on homelessness in the United States. The coalition has engaged in landmark litigation to protect the rights of homeless people, including the right to shelter and the right to vote, and also advocates for long-term solutions to the problem of homelessness. Formed in 1981, the Coalition provided much of the organization and experience that was later used to found the National Coalition for the Homeless in 1984. The Coalition has offices in New York City and Albany, New York.


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