Are the choices slavery, (pursuit of) freedom or death?

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6 hours ago, AlphaAbundance said:
  • What if you are unable to make a living doing something you love (or love sufficiently/fully, like at least 60% threshold)?
  • What do you do in the meantime while you are working out a solution? (Like how do you deal with work while you are unawakened, not doing something you like and have to work to live) Do you just suffer?

Life is suffering. Which is why the wise seek to transcend it.

You don’t have to awaken fully to lessen your suffering. You’d want to look at it as a journey more than an end-point. Although there is a sort of end-point to it aswell where there is no more suffering.

Awakening also makes it possible to be happy working at Pizza Hut. Consider that happiness comes from within, not from without. Your whole work experience can be transformed by changing your inner state.

Yeah, I’m very biased toward awakening. ;) 

7 hours ago, AlphaAbundance said:

What is meant by truthful activity?

What replaces activities done on behalf of a separate self? Do they just go and die (like mahasamadhi or something else)? Does one work (or do activities) for humanity (or the globe, or everything)? Why do they work (or do activities) for (whatever it is)?

That is for you to discover.

If you were perfectly whole, what would you do, and what would you not be doing? 

How Truth expresses itself is unique for each individual. As characters, Osho and Ramana couldn’t be anymore different.

7 hours ago, AlphaAbundance said:


  • How do I discover these activities?

All untruth will unravel in time as you seek the Truth. 

7 hours ago, AlphaAbundance said:

Is it that detachment from the suffering allows it to not be suffering (or "suffering") anymore? 

It’s more akin to this, but it cannot be explained. 

It is the peace that passeth all understanding.

^ Die before you die


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You dont need to live like most people. You can do whatever you want bro.
What you do is look at your entire life as this horrible struggle in front of you, ofc you have no motivation. 

Its like "Either I become a tech founder millionaire in a year, or I die in this fucking job". That clearly tells me that a tech engineering is not the right thing for you.

You say you burnt your orange motivation out of you, but in the end you limit yourself to good paying and secure careers because you are yet to be open minded enough to drop this and truly seek what makes you happy, even tough it might not be a reputable modern career (which is exactly what the trap is !)

I help low energy people to ignite their metabolism, feel great, gain muscle, loose fat.
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      I wish you had continued haha. Motivational. I'll probably come back to this post. Thank you.

I was about to continue, but in a different post. I was writing that post you replied to for 2 hours, and the post before that for 1 hour. Probably going to write this for 3 haha I'll see what I can do ;) .. I needed some time to regenerate my creative flow. Besides, I'm also working on myself. If you go to the journals section of the forum I have a journal for emotional mastery and how I'm working on my behavioral/character flaws and my wounds. Also integration of the SD model and shadow work ( which I do by analyzing trauma + embracing the sinister within). If you ever decide to take a look, which I don't expect, but if you do please ignore the first page of posts, they don't really have value. I wrote that during psychosis and when I was mentally unstable yet. My mind was very scattered back then.

Also I'm very glad you enjoyed my writings, I was honestly a bit worried it wouldn't resonate. I will also come back to my posts on this because these are things I also work on currently. And also for the posts of other people on the thread, of course. I think this is overall a very good thread, quite introspective.


I see. I meant in terms of having to work to live. I meant that if I stop college right now with no other options and marketable skills/credentials I am basically fucked to a life of low skilled labor or grinding.  So basically if I don't become successful in freedom (financial freedom or passionate "work) soon then I would be best to stay in college as non-college wage slavery is worse than college wage slavery.

I agree, you should finish college. What I'm thinking would help is watching motivational videos about studying. I found a few good ones on Youtube, there's a channel called Elon Project, or something like that if I remembered correctly. You have to go through the obstacle of feeling that studying is tiring, boring, hard and useless.

  • Studing is tiring: Why is studying tiring for you? Is studying tiring only for you or also for other people? What could make studying easier? Why do you get tired, what is that aspect in studying that makes you tired instead of wanting to study 10 times as hard? (because some people simply enjoy studying more than anything, understanding stuff.. even Leo thinks understanding is the meaning of life!) Why is studying making you tired instead of even more hyperactive and excited by every little progress you make?

Studying should make you curious. The more you know the more you realize how little you know. The more knowledgeable you are the more you realize how much more there is to know. A door opens to a room, there are two more doors to open in that room. You open one of the two doors and you get greeted by 4 ore doors. That's how knowledge works. You have to work on your curiosity and desire to know. But for that you need a reason. Why would you want to know anything? Or why would you want to know a specific niche of knowledge? What interests you and why? What kind of knowledge would you like to gain?

  • Studying is boring: Depends on what you study. What could you study that is not boring?
  • Studying is hard: That's the beauty of it. If it was easy, you wouldn't learn anything. In hinduism they teach that life is hard and unfavorable because we have to go to challenges to learn. Then we can achieve transcendence etc. I could talk about more interesting hindu concepts, but I'm very tired and I have some work to finish.
  • Study is useless: Study useful things, then studying won't be useless.

And yeah I actually started this post more than 3 hours ago I just got busy with my art. Will add more replies later . Will follow the thread!

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