Tips on dealing with rejection when asking a girl out?

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@BjarkeT  Man hoping is shooting yourself in the foot thats a scarcity mindset...with that aromantic shes saying shes not interested and mybe if you stick around enough ill give you something...they love attention you are her source of attention(she will use you as her attention/emotional tampon)basically you staying in that position is just hurting you you are your own worst enemy....i cant tell you in words how that hoping strategy is weak,you will find out someday how old are you?

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@NoSelfSelf No she isn't like that I know that even if I stick around for long it will not turn into a relationship since she is aromantic she said that she never had any feelings like that for anyone and maybe never will. It is a real thing. And I am not saying that I was using the hope strategy rather that waiting for the girl to say it seems to be that. Is age really important? Age does not equal experience. 
worrying about being seen as an alpha male or beta male just seem to be an insecure way of living worrying that people will see you as weak. 

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"You see." Leo Gura

we need pain and suffering without it we loses our ability to grow as a species. Life shouldn’t be about how to experience as much joy and happiness as possible or to avoid pain but about solving problems and pushing past our comfort zone because that’s where we grow, become better and gain wisdom. No pain no gain.

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