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How to integrate Green?

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@Tim R I would like to invite you to consider the possibility that you are not yellow, not in the SD sense at least. The leap between Orange and Green is enormous and the leap between Green and Yellow even more so. Apart from basic appearance, Green and Turquoise are very dissimilar. As dissimilar as Orange is from Yellow.

Leo is a heavy thinker and he over-emphasizes systemic thinking in Yellow. Orange is capable of learning systemic thinking when it hears that it is beneficial to do so. Yellow is about integration, looking deep within you and understanding yourself as a system. Understanding has a different meaning to Yellow than to Orange. To understand is to feel, not to explain. System is not a machine. This is what is learned (embodied) as you go through green. Green is the  (feeling) foundation for Yellow.

When you go through green, you become disillusioned with thinking more and more, and sort of depart from yourself because you can see that you are the root cause of all of your problems. Green moralizes so much because it sees its own flaws and tries to communicate that. Blaming others, being a social justice warrior, is a distraction. The real work begins with healing until the shadow aspects of you are integrated. Then, you emerge as a new entity that does not reject itself and sees all the way down, to the base, what you are made of. Again: Yellow is not a thinker. Yellow is integral, integrated, in-dividual, whole, one, accepted. Yellow is devoid of self-hatred that Green possesses and does not reject thinking. It has solved the conflict.

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