Embodying parts of Stage Orange to move up

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I remember 3 years ago I really wanted to jump from one company to another to get higher salary, to get higher positions, like a team lead, typical orange guy. 

Nowadays, I understand I have enough money. Of course, I want more but it's not a priority anymore. The current priority is feeling loving, enjoying precious life. Once you see that death is illusion life priorities may change significantly. 

I am not saying you should tolerate unfair situations, no. Do what your heart tells you. I just stopped seeing unfair situations because I shifted focus from what I don't want to what I want. I understand I can lose you on these words, but hey, we're are on Non-Dual forum in a sense ?

We are humans but not only. You and everyone else is God/Love. You create your own reality. That's why I suggest to put focus on what you want, on promotion, and not on people who got promoted. Live from the place of love (abundance), not from the place of fear (lack). Find things to be grateful for in your current position. Let go of the desire to be right, seek the ways to feel good and you will see how your dreams become true ?

Since you meditate consistently starting a dream board may be a great step towards life your really want. You can write there why you want to be promoted, so you can feel it. Describe how much joy you're going to experience if employer values your work, etc. 

Good luck. I think I said everything I wanted in this thread. 

⭐ if you want some spiritual hints - feel free to DM me the questions: https://www.instagram.com/dima.happy.living/ 

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