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Business Mentors

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I saw @Sombra talking about business mentors. 

@Sombra, what can you tell about this topic? How to find a good mentors?

Anyone else have experience with business mentors?


Elevators of my mind,

Up and down a million times

Loving you.

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@DaHonorableCourt so I have a lot I can say on this subject obviously only backed by my real world experience-- so I'm going to give the most "holistic" kind of advice I can give at this point and I guarantee you it's not what you're going to expect.

Here's what I'll cover:

- The importance of investigation
- How many mentors I've paid for
- How to get mentors for free
- What kind of results can you expect if you get mentors & how much should you pay (IF)
- Where can I find mentors?

The importance of investigation:

So first off, be aware that when you first try to find a mentor-- it's more like you're diving headfirst in to a snakepit. Which brings up the first tenant of mentorship-- investigate before you invest time and or effort.

So what do I mean by investigate--- first off you want to know how much they actually make and what their results are actually like. Because this is going to be who you're attaching yourself too-- for better or for worse-- hitched to the wrong wagon and you will lose precious time.

Money-- that comes and goes... TIME--  one of the best wishes I could have for someone is that anytime that was robbed from you gets returned 2 fold.

Now this is not something you should do BUT I will tell you I've done it-- on basically all my mentors I've done background checks.... I've found out criminal past, I've found where they live and how much they pay for rent-- I mean I've literally dug hardcore into even their acquaintances' lives and had their friends feed me the dirtiest secrets about them-- I have PORN videos made by a mentor of mine, I have text messages to escorts from another, I have voice messages from another exposing other people in the industry-- I mean I probably go much too far in reality but this to me was all apart of the investigation process-- I want to establish fact patterns to make them more predictable to myself and to know when I get lied to. 

Doing investigative work is also a very humbling experience-- you learn for example weird stuff, like hey the person you're learning from only has 8 clients-- I have 15 wow. It's a good way to dispell illusions and see people for what they truly are (i'm not assigning right or wrong I'm just objectively helping myself parse fact from fiction).

How many mentors I've paid for:

Now the next question is how many mentors do I personally have?-- So people I paid to teach me and consult me personally-- 9-- with 5 currently still mentoring me.

And the 5 I currently have now are just clean cut, no bullshit ballers. I'm talking about people that are all multimillionaires that don't have any shady background-- in fact if you looked into their background it's extremely nerdy by comparison-- instead of being arrested for assault and possession of cocaine-- two were like Magic the Gathering Card champions... Instead of getting into a pissing contest with an old business partner over an escort you both had feelings for.... he was winning a championship for Karate practice and getting married lol.

So that's kind of the dichotomy. But let me just say this one thing-- I do frequently learn from everyone-- the best salesman I've ever learned from had like 5 felonies so you do need to not judge based sheerly on background, take it into consideration and weigh out your decision making based on what is apparent is all I'm saying.

How to get mentors for free:

I can't even begin to tell you how many amazing people I've met in my life that I haven't dropped a penny on. 2 number 1 start ups in their country were my best friends (1 still is the other died unfortunately)-- 1 guy on the 50 fastest growing business list in Europe. A famous guitarist, that has introduced me to a grammy nominee guitarist- (all of the people above are in my mastermind group

And just so many other people-- the number one sales rep at Zillow, a millionaire digital marketer with an actual laycount near 1.3k that has 2 master degrees and worked on optimizing nuclear missile defense for the US military previously (YEAH SERIOUSLY-- Rockstar results with everything in life)
(talked to both just yesterday) 

A top 1% in the state of New York life insurance agent. A BILLIONAIRE that just lets me pick his brain every once in a while. I mean I could exhaust a thread on just people in general that I've managed to network with and get helped by.

And initially when I was first launching my business I was very pathological about the people I choose to help.

It's like that Steve Jobs quote-- "I've never found a person that when I asked them would they help me was unwilling to help..."

And a lot of these guys I've mentioned, I mean they're like the father you've always wanted, have made a ton of money with them, you just can't separate a bond like that.

But back on point-- when I was launching my business-- all I did was seek out paid mentors that could directly help with my end goals-- and then I would pay attention to people getting amazing results, and I would contact them-- I would say hey, I learned how to do xyz from my mentor, did you know about this?

And most of them would reciprocate by showing me something I didn't know.

And that's how our friendships actually started to develop... I would show them 1-2 things, help them in little ways, then oh btw what are your thoughts about xyz? 

I went from no clients whatsoever helping a complete stranger doing over 30k a month-- to over a dozen clients now getting invited to Tony Robbins with the guy (on his dime) who is now doing 120k a month and inviting me to stay with his wife and him at their place in LA or Brisbane whenever I get the chance.

But I want to highlight something here-- when it's free or even paid for that matter-- but definitely free-- you have to progressively and slowly work the relationship-- because who the fuck are you... Do you know how many people I personally have that have gotten in front of my face with a "hey can I intern at your business", as their opening line?

To me that's kind of scary-- I don't even know you and you're assuming I want to put you through some kind of longterm commitment? Are you just going to steal my processes? 

How I approached them either was I slowly showed them things I was working on, or problems I was facing, and just asking them hey what are your thoughts on xyz? Getting their opinion-- people love that. And I just let the rest unfold.

What kind of results can you expect if you get mentors & how much should you pay (IF)

Let's start off with how much should you pay for a mentor.

Here is the HONEST TO GOD TRUTH... ready? $2,000 tops.

You heard it here DONT FORGET THIS- $2,000 TOPS.

There are a lot of people out there that will make you pay $8,000+ to learn from them.

The thing is what have the even done for you yet? Remember what I said -- INVESTIGATE FIRST.

Any stupid fucking experiment you do should be cut off at $2,000 remember that. If you aren't getting results after $2,000 NEXT.

And I mean that-- you see marketing gurus for example tell you shit like oh-- if you don't get the results you didn't apply yourself... I say YOU FAILED AS A TEACHER

You will know with 6 months time and $2,000 whether it's working for you or not. And believe it or not this is how the big boys play--- they say hmm I have 2k-4k to blow lets see if this works--- aANnnntttt -- nope didn't work fuck that.

The ONLY caveat to this is IF (which I don't believe in) you are a social networking master, and you buy in a mentoring group that's like $20k because you know you'll make more than 20k from the people in it--- Honestly though put me head to head with anybody who paid 20k to be a part of a secret mentoring group-- I GUARANTEE YOU I would be able to network better than they could or generate more money than them selling the same service at the same prices--- people don't understand this-- and this is a huge principle here I want to impress.



Yes there are the "tips" there are the little "tricks" to be more effective-- but 90%+ of all the results you see and get in life are the execution of the fundamentals-- don't EVER forget that.

Where can I find mentors?

Online, in person, through friends and family, ask around six degrees of separation you will find someone-- the importance is just on the fact you search for these people, once your mind is attuned for looking for opportunities you wont miss them

Any other questions I'm happy to help-- all of this has just been my opinion.

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@Sombra Wow, thanks for the lengthy reply, this will help a lot.

Not gonna do the stalking thing tho. Lol

Elevators of my mind,

Up and down a million times

Loving you.

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