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How you deal with people who hurt you to avoid their own fears?

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Some people is good at to be unconciousness to stay comfortable, so that they don't have to face their own fears. Such as:

  1. Let others to make decisions so they can blame.
  2. Shifting responsibility to others if thats not benefit themselves.

I cannot say "goodbye and next", coz I do not think go for next people is the best way that everyone has different fears. and I did go next and next coz I see they are not brave to face fears then causes failure plus blame me, I feel terrible.

I could stay alone, its fine. but family, workmate, friend, I want to be with them, but I don't like to protect their fears to hurt me, or dark my mind.

Maybe that's my problem? or maybe I don't have skill to stop this happen? I don't really know this is cultural problem or self-love stuff or my own reality causes this to happen. but I wish you guys to help me even just put a video link is fine. (coz I don't know what key-word I could search) I do feel there is a solution to face insecurity person for win-win result.

Thank you.(one more thing, is my words or format or logic nice to read?)

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