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With the Life Purpose course I have learned very much about myself, my values and my strenghts. 

But where I lack clarity is in what skills do I want to invest in to give back to the world? How do I want to radiate Love? How am I gonna manifest my Love? 

The only things I am really passionate about at the moment are: Self-Understanding, Love, Psychedelics, Gratitude, being in Nature, Self-Actualization/ Personal Development and stuff that comes with that (Mediation, Reading, etc.) 

My top 5 strenghts are: 

1. Honesty and Autheticity 

2. Curiousity and interest in the world

3. Spirituality, Sense of purpose, faith and trust 

4. Forgiveness and Mercy 

5. Gratitude 

I just don´t know how I can utilize these strenghts to build a valuable skill that I can offer to the world. I am trying to build skills for my Life Purpose/career at the moment. 

I have a lot of time at the moment and am free to explore whatever I want to do with my life, because I have saved up some money and live with my parents. 

So how do I go best about this? How do I find a medium that I am passionate about? I want to express and communicate the Love I feel, the lightness, peace and positivity of life, the Truth of God and the power of using Psychedelics.  

I would love to work with psychedelics, but I don´t know where to begin when I want to create my own psychedelic retreat center where I educate people about and guide people through their own psychedelic experiences and help them integrate and embody their insights in their own life. (my ultimate vision)

I thought about volunteering at an ayahuasca or psylocibin center to see if that work resonates but that´s not possible at the moment because the borders are closed (Covid-19).

Any thoughts about that? How can I express myself authentically and eventually help people see the Goodness and Magnitude of God/Love? And how can I make money doing that?


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At first, I thought, teach middle school or high school.  When I am mentoring young people, I find it helps that I know what psychedelics are all about, but it also helps being able to gently steer the kiddos back to reality and grounded healthy habits like showing up to class on time, sleeping right, healthy relationships, etc. 

But then you mentioned you actually want to do more WITH psychedelics  What about learning EFT?  You can get certified to teach many different healing modalities.  I am learning how to teach/practice Ayurveda at the moment.  I've also taken the listener training at, which was super helpful to me as a massage therapist.  The listener training was free.... There are many others you can pay for and not pay for too.

Just throwing out ideas that might help!

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@h inandout Thanks for your ideas! I guess I will have to try things out and find good mentors to learn from :) 

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