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@Raptorsin7 hmm. I'll get to that in a second. 

First of all the MOST IMPORTANT PART. How connected are you with your  feelings?  I get the vibe that not much, but I may be wrong. Are you capable of picking up on the subtle signals that arise in your body in the present moment, in the form of emotions, intuitions and authentic desires?

That's Key. Its SO KEY I can't emphasize it enough.  Feeling is way, WAY superior to thinking, and is one of the mayor shifts that will get you out of the Dark Night of the Soul and Nihilism overall. You can't get out within the thinking paradigm. I'd say this is one thing that I and many many others as I've seen had to learn the hard way, since Leo's vids didn't teach this explicity back then.

Imagine the hypothetical scenario that you do not have the ability to think voices in your head. complete silence. How would you live? How would you decide? Literally no thoughts, just perception.

How? By how things feel. By the sublte vibe that people emit and by intuitions, literally without much further thought. Now this is quite an extreme example. This actually requieres nuance.

To develop this, I went through a 10 month or more period of just doing " what I felt like" . But this at first will lead you to your lower self instincts. I remember streaks of months and months of routine of porn, junk food and videogames. Just because " it felt good"

But you gotta develop nuance in your ability to discern feeligs. Do I feel this  desire coming from my " higher self " or from my " lower self ? It's super clear once you learn this language.

Obviously in the case of junk food etc, I'ts an addiction , from the lower self, " the desire or feeling of NEEDING to grab some overstimulating mind-numbing food, etc etc. This would be a gross feeling. Quite strong and difficult not to notice. 100% the time will come when you are sitting on your couch and you feel uneasy, as if something was missing, as if you need something. Once again, thats a " gross feeling " 

We are looking to feel the subtle feelings here. It's like a whisper from your body. Or you may also call it a whisper from your soul. It's LITERALLY TELLING YOU what to do. But do you understand the language? Do you have enough base consciousness to notice and discern this subtle feeling? Or will you let it pass by like an unread whattsapp message that you never get to ?

14 hours ago, Raptorsin7 said:

So you think bliss comes from a deep acceptance of what is?

Byron Katie said that If you fight reallity, you will lose 100% of the times. Because things are how things are, and if you wish they were different, you are doomed. Or something like that.

Yes, it comes from acceptance. But don't think or have opinions about it. Leo just uploaded a great video yesterday about  making nuance distinctions.

Feel how different imaginary scenarios make you feel. Feel how " resisting " something feels. Feel how " accepting and embracing " something feels.

Literally imagine how something would feel and not only accept it, but love it . If something triggers you, causes you emotional upheaval, then great, GREAT! That's EXACTLY what you need to love and accept. One easy area to look at is whatever makes you feel shame, whatever you judge, whatever you fear / don't want to happen, etc. Basically your shadow.

Once again, the process is " Notice that something is making you suffer. Notice that you are resisting it. Accept that you are resisting it. Embrace what is making you suffer by imagining it from all the angles that come up to your mind ( and also try to feel it in your body and emotions) . Embrace , love and accept all of that. Finally watch the Bliss come. You have to allow it to be, and also make your effort to embody it and blow air .

Literally Imagine physically and mentally being in a bliss state in the very present moment. Feel deeper, and deeper and deeper into it. That's how you manifest it.  " 


I'm telling you this because ultimatelly there is only so much we can do with words, but your FEELINGS are guiding you the entire time!

In the blue Kriya book that Leo recomended when his video on it came out, they call it  " inner guru ". Abraham Maslow calls it " the subtle desire for Self-actualization "  .  It's pretty much intuition, Ill paste an excerpt from  Maslow's book in a different comment.

15 hours ago, Raptorsin7 said:

Does that mean repeating in my mind over and over again I accept this?

Yes and no. You gotta start somewhere, but the most effective way, once again, is by  " feeling acceptance" . Once you clearly have felt the distinction between lets say resistance and acceptance / Love, you have a direct experience attached to the sounds "  I accept this " , just as I have made a connection between the sound " bliss " and embodying a " bliss" state that I was talking about before.

Otherwise it's just an emplty label. If I write " szczęśliwy" , you have no clue what this, because it's a foreign language and you haven't made the mental connection between those sounds and the direct experience of " being happy " ( which is what this word means )

15 hours ago, Raptorsin7 said:

What does full on acceptance look like from a direct experience pov. I feel like i'm accepting what's occurring but idk how to tell if i'm resisting or not.

This wall of text should be enough to point you in the right direction. You gotta do the rest if you want actually want to.

Besides that, It feels like a deep appreciation and admiration of the Perfection of the present moment, and a deep feeling of Love and acceptance.

Start with some direct experience reference that you have of the emotion of Love. Then Imagine it deeper, and deeper, and deeper. Being present, relaxed and focused helps.

Good luck

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This is the excerpt I was talking about from the very beggining of Maslow's book. 

  1. We have, each of us, an essential biologically based inner nature, which is to some degree " natural, " intrinsic, given, and in a certain limited sense, unchangeable, or at least, unchanging.
  2. Each person's inner nature is in part unique to himself.
  3. It is possible to study this inner nature scientificallt and to discover what it is like --- " not invent, -- discover "
  4. This inner nature, as much as we know of it so far, seems not to be intrinsically evil, but rather either neutral or positively " good " . What we call evil behaviour appears most often to be a secondary reaction to frustration of this intrinsic nature .
  5. Since this inner nature is good or neutral rather than bad, it is best to bring it out and to encourage it rather than to supress it. If it is permited to guide our life, we gro healthy, fruitful and happy.
  6. If this essential core of the person is denied or supressed, he gets sick sometimes in obvious ways, sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes immediately, sometimes later.
  7. This inner nature is not strong and overpowering and unmistakable like the instincs of animals. It is weak and delicate and subtle and easily  overcome by habit, cultural pressure and wrong attitudes toward it.
  8. Even though weak, it rarely dissapears in the normal person- perhaps not even in the sick person. Even though denied, it persists underground forever pressing for actualization.
  9. Somehow, these conclusions must all be articulated with the neccesity of discipline, deprivation, frustration, pain and tragedy. To the extent that these experiences reveal and foster and fulfill our inner nature, to that extent they are desirable experiences.

Also, check out Leo's majestic video on Happiness :


Lastly, once you start running on Feeling more than on Thought, all of the traits of " Self-Actualization" of this post start to fall into place : 


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@Even Hessen  Thanks for the feedback. Interesting, will check all of that out.

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@mmKay  Thanks a lot man I appreciate the response.

I'd say i'm in the process of doing a lot of what you mentioned, but i'm still in a thinking mode rather than feeling mode. 

I'll try and reflect on what you wrote and put it into practice. 

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You're welcome

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