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Hi everyone,

I study a NLP Therapist course, and at the last lesson we studied about “speaking with the part” - which means speaking with the part that -stops you/You don’t want/Bad habit/ etc.. 

The idea behind this technique is that behind every behavior there is a positive intention.

So I took this tool and integrated it into trying understand what the Truth is.

The part I decided to talk with was my suffering. I asked it: why are you here!? Why are you really here? (I was really disappointed, hurt, suffered). It didn’t answered. I asked in a different way: What am I gaining from you? Boom. It said: your life. I was shocked and afraid. In that moment, I understood that if I want my suffering to leave, I need to die.

It was so painful to understand that. I understood that moment what Leo is always speaks about and now it got so real, this fear of death was powerful and paralyzing.

I couldn’t handle that it was too terrifying.

I think that only after doing the work for real you start to get why it so hard and so radical.

I would like to hear your opinions about it and your states of fear of death.

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@RoerAmit The only thing I fear is Ego and Illusion, that’s where suffering is. And/or going to hell after dying.

One reason why people fear death is because they love their suffering ego to much to let go of it.

"It is the emptiness within the cup that makes it useful."

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