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Communication with my brother

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Ok so I have a quick case,

My brother has decided to make a tattoo (tomorrow). He is 20 years old, he is a student and i am 26. The problem is he did not tell about his idea to our parents. And in my opinion it creates a little problem, because as far i know my mother doesn't accept tattoes and she probably will have a problem with accepting his decision. I am afraid that it will create some family communication problem (maybe already there is a problem).

What i have done is i told my brother about my doubts regarding his idea, i am pretty sure that his idea is too spontanious and not very maure. However i was pretty "politicaly correct", i am trying to be not so strict.

What would you actually do on my place? Let him do what he wants or be really serious and describe all my skepticism when it is not too late? I think that changing the look of your skin with some fancy picture can influence a personality in a wrong way.

Thank you

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Your brother is old enough to decide what he wants to do with his own body without asking his parents or sibling. If your parents are going to get bent out of shape because he has 1 tattoo at 20 years old than you should be talking sense into them not him. Seems they are the ones not being mature. Is he getting a huge face tattoo or something? I would encourage him to make his own choices. He does not need to consult with anyone but himself and his tattoo artist.

Why is it that you consider this an immature idea? Just because your mom doesn't "accept" tattoos? He isn't making HER get one. Sounds to me like she honestly has some acceptance issues that she should work on.


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Depends where he is getting the tattoo. 

I understand where you're coming from. Some people don't like tattoos and these days tattoos are getting a bad rep because a lot of gang members get them to flash signs and stuff.

Show your brother a prison documentary on YouTube. Might change his mind. 

Not trying to say that getting a tattoo is a bad thing. He can do what he likes. But I have come across people who have regretted their tattoos. 

If he really really wants its bad, he should have it on his frontal part where he can hide under his T shirt or something. Some people get it done to their face which is so weird. I honestly never found it attractive or necessary. 

Ruins the face or arm. Having a tiny tattoo is fine.. Not those large wingspan kinda tattoos all across the chest and all over the arm, looks like alien. 

Some even have on skull. Freaks. O.o



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