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Hi, all!

As we all know, Leo is a proponent of mastery, becoming really good at what you do. That's great and very inspiring to me.

But it seems that there are all these mixed messages coming from different directions when it comes to being happy and successful in your work. Some people say that it's not so important to be the best or even that good, as long as you provide value for other people. Someone who is the best at something that no one needs would end up alone and unhappy. Conversely, someone who isn't that good but focuses on helping from the get-go would end up having connection, feeling valued and needed.

Another thing I'm trying to reconcile with mastery, is marketing. I just recently started my own business and everyone says that you should spend at least half of your working time on marketing. Around 20% of time would be spent doing business managing, such as book keeping, which would leave 30% of the time to produce the actual work. Does this sound strange to you? Do people with this schedule still have time for deliberate practice? I would barely have time to actually do the work that customers ask me to do! It just doesn't add up.

Are all these opinions part of the modern anti-mastery mindset?

If so, how does one reconcile mastery with providing value and marketing? Balance?

What are your thoughts?

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What kind of business are you running? 

You will want to create your own path. Figuring out a good marketing strategy is well worth your time. What you value within your business and your life is entirely up to you. Mastery is enjoyable and rewarding if you have the right mindset. 

Not to mention you can get really good at one thing and pay for all of the other aspects to be taken care of. Just make whatever product or service you are offering worthwhile. 

Trying to actualize my life purpose:

Want some help on ideas for your business? Feel free to message me. 

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