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  1. This is correct. This is a huge topic. I would say confidence is about seeing yourself as valuable and important (which is also true and real). So what can you do to tell yourself, "You are important to me. I love you."
  2. Are you asking what I would do or are you trying to decide for yourself? What works for one person will not work for another.
  3. The "metaphysical" aspect of attracting money is release the resistance. Resistance means all the beliefs, thought patterns and emotions that are against you getting that money. You can do this by first becoming aware of what the resistance is and then work through it bit by bit.
  4. Sorry, I'm not sure what you are asking. But just wanted to say that there is always reason behind emotions.
  5. Well, when you look at animals and plants in their natural habitat, you can see that they have no problem living according to their life purpose. Everything in nature works "as it should" and the ecosystem is in harmony if it's not interfered with. Human beings on the other hand have disconnected from their nature for the most part. Our societies are mostly toxic and harmful. When you are on your solo trip in the woods, you can really slow down and reconnect with yourself, that is your thoughts, your emotions, your desires, your truth. Hearing and seeing all that is true about you will reveal your life purpose to you (over time). Also, try to let go of the need to know and define your purpose right now. Reconnect with your inner truth in silence, ask yourself questions (What do I want? What is important? etc.) and move towards whatever feels right, good, and meaningful, whatever fills you with energy and contentment. Whatever feels like "this is me". This is living your life purpose. I feel like I'm just repeating what others have already posted. Also, you don't need to wait until your trip to do this. Even a solo, couple hours walk in nature with no distraction will already help. Better yet if you do it every day. If you stop everything and be with yourself with no distractions you will start getting insights into your truth and subsequently, your life purpose. It's a guarantee.
  6. Yes, everyone and everything has a purpose in this universe, including you. To discover that purpose can be tricky though. Have you taken time to disconnect from everything and look deep within yourself? And remember, your purpose is not about what you do. It's about what you give. What are YOU meant to GIVE to this world?
  7. @Martin123 I hope you find a place where your bravery and intelligence are appreciated! I may leave as well. I'm here less and less anyway. I know where this is going.
  8. Personally I haven't experienced much abuse on this forum. I don't post a lot, and when I do, my posts are often ignored. I don't know why. Maybe they don't make sense to people or maybe I'm not being edgy or confrontational enough. But I have seen many many many cases of abuse towards others. Once or twice I've pointed this out, but again, I've been ignored. This forum is just not for me. I mostly come here only when I'm feeling self-hating and depressed. Then I click open any thread to read someone being abusive and it gives me an emotional release. I get angry. Sometimes it gives me empowerment. That's it. In the beginning I saw good and interesting resources here, but not anymore.
  9. As long as I'm talking, I wanted to add something else. In the beginning Leo used to speak about persistense, hard work, emotional labor, patience, 10 000 hours, realistic expectations et cetera. All of this was very validating, because we know how annoying spirituality "quick fixes" or "magic cures" can be. Then he found psychedelics and now he seems to think it's a solution to all problems. Correct me if I'm wrong, but psychedelics only give you a peek of a higher dimensional truth. Then you have to basically use your whole life embodying that truth. And that is hard work.
  10. @Martin123 In case you want to look it up for yourself, if I remember correctly, it was this video, near the end maybe? Definitely after the middle. In the video about healing, no less! If I remember correctly, he was basically saying that he has to kill this part of himself in order to heal. He seemed to think that it was his inner child that was toxic and making him sick. Again, I don't remember it perfectly but this was just my impression.
  11. @Martin123 I agree with you. And I thank you for speaking up about your feelings and this issue. (Unlike you, I also have my problems with this forum in general. Even though I've been a member of this forum from the beginning, I don't post much.) I started watching videos more than five years ago. I really liked the content! Leo is an excellent speaker and his videos were thorough, deep and interesting. Many of the videos opened my mind and my eyes. I found them and the exercises in them practical and useful. Then I purchased the life purpose course and it was likewise great! My personal opinion is that Leo's strength is intellectual understanding of complex topics, and speaking and explaining them in an interesting way. I didn't even notice time passing when I watched his videos. I feel like in the beginning Leo was just a normal guy and I found him relatable. Then something started going wrong. I don't know what changed, but it's like Leo became more and more polarized. It was like he became angrier, more hateful. I started noticing him speaking to himself with phrases that made me cringe. Then in one video he spoke about killing his inner child, and he did this with such hate that I just couldn't take it anymore. I have to say that I obviously have nothing against human emotions of anger or hate! Those are completely natural and everyone has them. It's just that when they are rejected and pushed into the subconscious mind, they magnify, and I feel like maybe this happened to Leo. It's like he's trying to hard to be spiritual that he's forgotten that you cannot run away from your humanness. Pain and hurt are not illusions. And spiritual bypassing is a rampant issue in spiritual circles. He used to talk about the dangers or being judgmental, and radical open-mindedness. But to me, it's like he's become more judgmental and less open-minded than he used to be. This is my personal problem with and the reason why I feel sad about not being able to enjoy the content anymore. Because it really is amazing content.
  12. She also has a video on Depression. I find it really good.
  13. Can you tell the story of your family's migration from Russia to the US?
  14. What are your 3-5 biggest struggles in relationships?