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  1. Your problem is that you think that there's something wrong with a need for attention and that you need to get rid of it. Why? How does it make you "a bad person" if you need attention? That's your shadow. You are meeting the need in toxic ways, because you think there's something wrong with you. What you need to do is accept the need and meet it in non-toxic ways, such as get on stage to perform or whatever floats your boat. Get up there and tell everyone, "I love attention".
  2. That’s beautiful ❤️
  3. The reason they don’t get what they imagined is that there are reasons why they don’t actually want what they think they want.
  4. See her in yourself.
  5. I have been wondering for a while if that's what you really want? Do you want to leave? Cause I understand if you do, I've felt the same way. For me personally, I had to face the fact that my growth is in staying and facing those demons that I want to escape.
  6. Also realize that "normal life" and enlightenment aren't contradictory. You don't have to become a monk to become enlightened. Enlightenment encompasses all life, it's not just about meditation. Chop wood, carry water. You don't have to choose. In fact, you can start building your life (like Leo said), but in a conscious way. Try to make conscious choices. Your awareness will naturally rise higher and higher.
  7. Hi, Leo! I love your videos on Spiral Dynamics, Lifestyle Minimalism, Body Awareness, Art and Conscious Politics. I would be very interested to hear your take on Covid-19 from how you see it raising our collective awareness and how it might change the society in a big way. What kind of value shifts should we expect, what kind of lifestyle changes might we face and what kind of opportunities lie here for us? I think this kind of video might help people see the big picture and bring relief and a sense of purpose. Thank you!
  8. I like this!
  9. Eat as much McDonald's as you want while being mindful and you'll naturally realize in time that you don't want that in your diet. It's not enough that your mind realizes it. Your body has to realize it too. How do you feel after eating it? Watch this (includes an actual example with a hamburger):
  10. If by "me" you mean your fears, then yes. But keep in mind that it's your life and your decision. They are also your fears. Unfortunately, you can't escape them. The only way is to deal with them directly. So for example, if you're afraid of unemployment or not having something to do, that's the fear you deal with. If I was unemployed, what bad thing would happen? Why would that be bad? Then you go into the emotions that arise from it, like shame for example. You'd think something like, "I would be a failure". Then you work with that. Go right into it to inspect it and understand it. Then you'll be free. Good luck.
  11. Hi, all! As we all know, Leo is a proponent of mastery, becoming really good at what you do. That's great and very inspiring to me. But it seems that there are all these mixed messages coming from different directions when it comes to being happy and successful in your work. Some people say that it's not so important to be the best or even that good, as long as you provide value for other people. Someone who is the best at something that no one needs would end up alone and unhappy. Conversely, someone who isn't that good but focuses on helping from the get-go would end up having connection, feeling valued and needed. Another thing I'm trying to reconcile with mastery, is marketing. I just recently started my own business and everyone says that you should spend at least half of your working time on marketing. Around 20% of time would be spent doing business managing, such as book keeping, which would leave 30% of the time to produce the actual work. Does this sound strange to you? Do people with this schedule still have time for deliberate practice? I would barely have time to actually do the work that customers ask me to do! It just doesn't add up. Are all these opinions part of the modern anti-mastery mindset? If so, how does one reconcile mastery with providing value and marketing? Balance? What are your thoughts?
  12. He didn't necessarily blur the calendar because he was embarrassed of it though.
  13. Well, you said you were struggling with lack of energy and tristesse loosely translates as depression, so I thought I'd give it a go. Also you mentioned lack of concentration and that's basically a form of anxiety. If it doesn't resonate, that's okay. Although you can see that from my perspective, I saw a connection there.
  14. There's this thing called "post-coital tristesse" or PCT. Maybe look into that?