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I have just woken up and taken a shower. Things work in wonderful ways. 


meditation: yesterday none

mood: I have a bit of monkey mind

some goals for this week, 

1) dedicate 20 min to meditation 

2) do some learning at least 1 min a day

3) Watch 1 of Leo’s videos 

4) read for at least 1 min a day, non-fiction

5) create a sleep schedule.

6) be more loving

7) become more vulnerable

7) Calm the moment mind

7) Create a healthier diet and work out

p.s, did 7’s on purpose 



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I was thinking, people really do use the mind as a write off to not inspect their thoughts. 

Im gunna start doing weekly goals, which I will address at the beginning and end of the week.


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Why can I physically feel others aggression. Being around anyone I start to embody their energy. 

I am not blaming them as I don’t know why that is. I have to do energy clearing visualizations. Then I feel so peaceful and grounded in my own energy. 

I did one while writing this and I feel so much love. Everyone is so perfect. How can I switch perspectives. There is no perspectives to switch. There is only now. Our love. Lots of love. Little bit of love. 


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What is love? Honestly my love life needs change. 

Emotions really fuck with how I think. My rational side is thrown out the window and I just am. 

I learned how to channel emotions throughout my body right before I went to sleep earlier today. I was sending the energy from my gut to other parts of my body half asleep. Hahha. 

I loved this one girl for over a year and I'm 99% sure she loves me back. It's been really complicated this last year about that. Having the dark night of the soul made me go groundless and push everyone away. I suffered a lot. I'm better now, just so much has happened. 

I randomly select tarot card readings if my intuition is strongly pulling me to the videos and I always get the same answers. Its literally the same words getting thrown at me over and over again.

life seems to keep making me develop socially and emotionally. It makes me feel like I'm crazy and pushes me to my limits before everything calms down and I love and have peace. Only for it to repeat itself. 

Even my old best friend noticed this, us seekers can not leave this path. If you leave this path then the universe really fucks you up till you get back on the path.


Some old friends of mine from over a year ago started messaging me. I ended up joining a discord chat and had so much fun. 

In the middle of talking with them a girl sent me pics of her face and I wrote a reply back complimenting her, however I heard a strong voice in my head saying "if you say this she will like you, do you want that". 

Some back story is that whenever I feel this emotion in my gut and hear this voice it always turns out to be true. I have this inner voice I ask questions and if answers me. 

I ended up changing what I said, it just kinda bugs me, You know? 


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