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Im 24 years old.

My sister is having a baby today.

Nothing phasing me.

Being totally honest with myself, I don't have an enthusiastic bone in my body.

This extends to every single aspect of my life.

Booking a fantastic holiday? Nope! I don't care or get excited.

New job promotion? So what!

Everthing I do? Still nothing.

I feel like the only thing that feels half good is pure escapism. A great video game, movie or tv show.

This kills my relationships too as I feel nothing but the same old nothingness.

I remain productive but I feel my productivity could sky rocket if I could just feel something.

Does anyone have any thoughts or theories or advice to give my life some shine to it?

Could this stuff be simple biology with little neurotransmitters in my brain?

Thank you.



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Maybe the escapism is itself the problem. Modern media rewire your brain so heavily, so real life doesn't feel so compelling.

I've been on the same situation as yours some years ago, everything I was doing is smoking weed, watch movie, video-games etc. I was barely dragging myself, no much motivation to do things.

After some serious dopamine detox, and working on myself mentally and physically now i have so much drive towards life, and i'm building a business.

You can try. Remove gradually every super-stimulus (Porn, Social media, Internet binging, Netflix, and clean you diet too) and add something similar but beneficial, like reading, working out. For me it worked wonders, and life became so much interesting.

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@Kubia Thank you. Growing up with all this stuff can't be good your health. I'll try and cut things out one by one

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