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Let my fingers run free

I was looking for a solution

I wanted to find a way to live my Life Purpose

I'm shaking

I can't live my purpose in this world

It's holding me back because I'm an explorer

All I want to do is explore

How can I explore if I am occupied with running a business, with having a job, with having a family

Now I am really coming back

A pathway has been revealed to me on how to actually REALIZE my Life Purpose

I always wanted to get money and housing out of the way, and I kept looking for time-efficient ways to sustain myself

I was so occupied with seeking my business, my profit, my responsibilities



Fuck that My

It was there the whole time, so obvious

I am not supposed to live in this world of suffering

Why would I want to build a business for myself, then

All I have to do is help build a fastlane business for somebody I absolutely trust, a friend of mine

Their responsibility, their profit, they can happily run it afterwards, I don't need the money, the cars, the ladies

All I need are the smallest of monthly shares from the profit, a tiny house and that's it

All I need is 5%

Let them have the rest

The more selfless, the better

I'm more and more back and the ego is starting to dislike it


Hi, so it's been 15 minutes after my session of shamanic breathing. To give it some background, everything you see above is my fingers running loose as the experience was happening. I will not edit it in any way. I had a good chat with two of my friends separately before the session, both pretty open-minded people, and introduced them to spiral dynamics. That, I think, kicked off to a good start. I came looking for more info about my life purpose, which you can find in my previous posts. Specifically, on how to make it real. And during the peak, I got an answer. I tried to catch it above. 

It might be interesting to hear what you have to say, or aby objections you may have.



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One of my insights is this: change nothing. Live effortlessly.

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@Aaron p I will sit down to that. Anyway, what is your life purpose?

Now I am fully back. There are obviously other options. The one I stated above, I know it could work. But now I am thinking, why wouldn't I build a business myself and sell it later. I don't know. I'm feeling kinda down and lost this morning. 

The purpose prevails, though.

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@SirVladimir oh shit mate sorry I don't get notified of replies on here. Emmm, my life's purpose is to get enlightened matey. I've also found that doing consciousness work (properly) enhances other areas of my life. My diet is on point, I'm off drugs, I'm much happier, I look better, feel better, I'm at least twice as wise as I started and I can finally concentrate my mad ADHD psychotic head. I had so much bad karma, it was actually scary. But the shit my parents passed down to me was necessary for fuel to push me to look for the answers. And now I have the answers :) and I can concentrate. Which means my education is becoming effortless. My cognitive functionality has rapidly increased I can solve problems and structure assignments extremely effectively now.

This is why I say enlightenment is my life purpose. It leads to everything else. Reaching the source is a powerful thing

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