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  1. @ivankiss Trader here, too. I wonder whether you've found a consistent technique and whether you've been able to sustain yourself. Which one? It took me multiple hard lessons to see through the curtain. And nobody speaks of it. Careful, never stop asking! Information out there is flawed.
  2. I can only speak for myself. Adventure is just another rephrase of fantasy, of expanding one's imagination and sending them down a spiral of thoughts. Not a physical term in my case... not currently. Regarding the platform, it will definitely be an internet business because the scaling is virtually infinite. The more conscious ideas include creating a therapeutic game, while the more 'business alike' are about making a site where artists could sell art, a student-teacher network etc. Business is not always about inventing something shiny and new, but about reshaping things already existent and doing them BETTER. I've been as well thinking about how to connect art with the blockchain technology (perhaps you've heard of before). It's all about asking the right questions: I wish there was... I'm tired of... I don't like... Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity. Perhaps the community itself will come up with a great idea! Or will it be you?
  3. Greetings, Forum. Let's have a list of high-conscious, inovative, creative or insightful video games. You can share already existing games on whatever platform, in whatever format (2D, 3D, etc.) or things you've thought of. What other qualities should a penetrating game have? How can a game move us up the Spiral? Where do you see a potential in relation to marketing and distribution while keeping the game in a good shape? Come up with better questions! I'll start. Obviously, the best video game are psychedelics. I also like Life is Strange, for it visualizes the matter of choice, and games in general that demand systems thinking.
  4. Oh, I am not interested in short-term dating, sleeping with her etc. That stuff grows naturally in a true relationship. I'm talking real deal.
  5. Leo told you many times how important it is to build a relationship in real time, and not through social media or online messaging. I would like to add one demonstrative example. Take on my shoes and imagine you want to express love towards a girl you've been great friends with since 4th grade (that's a long time, and yet I did not have the knowledge base to see the causes of being a friend and the implications of actively teasing her, having the linguistic skills, striving for a more intimate relationship etc.) Back to the point; we had a conversation about our plans and such. We were sitting next to each other and as the conversation was nearing its natural end, I told her: "Hey, will you promise me one thing?" as I put one hand onto her lap and made a firm, loving eye contact. I said: "Whatever you do, listen to your heart and follow your passion." It was such a small, yet powerful moment! (and I've been her friend for a decade, which complicates the situation a bit.) What this hopefully shows is that taking a hot knife and cutting through the right moment may be more risky, and yet you gotta say fuck it and test your lines. If it wasn't for that touch-feel decision, I would have probably written to her later in chat: "Hey, about that convo we had, stick to your dreams." To which she would have casually responded: "Okay." Life would go on, it would be too late, as it has been for the last ten years. I was always the passive guy, but I am trying to seek more activity lately as my fear is mostly gone, thanks to Should you have helpful notes, both @Leo Gura and others, on how to express love in a long-lasting friendship, I will warmly welcome them.
  6. @Toan The question of authenticity has been on my mind the whole time. That is why I let down of many concepts. I had come up with the ideas of teaching and politics in my normal state of consciousness, while the latter "discovering" is revealed to me during sessions. It's like many reasonable ones versus one meaningful from the heart. There is no doubt that this IS my life purpose. How do I know? It's right in front of my face. It's alive. @mikelyons These are very thoughtful and prudent questions. Good. I love getting lost around places and overcoming obstacles. In fact "helping others overcome fear and stressful situations" has its meaning written in my mind too. I call it a lesser purpose and I wonder how I could incorporate it into the larger picture. But what my heart craves for, what I am FASCINATED by, are elevated states of consciousness. The Great Unknown. The travelling. That. See, it is like a naked, intimate core. It has no value for the society as it stands, unless I develop a business around it. But the business itself is not the purpose. The question that's bogging my mind right now is - if, how could i connect "elevated states of consciousness" and "helping others overcome fear and stressful situations?" Would I build a psychedelic retreat center? But what about its legality and how much finances would I need? In which case, why wouldn't I live off dividends and explore reality by myself anyway? See, my purpose completely lacks the pragmatic side of view (at least sociologically). I will contemplate your questions, try to connect dots on the map. This journey is far from over as you have noticed. But please, let me know if you have any ideas or side notes. Thank you.
  7. Today, I made a huge leap in @Leo Gura's course. The final sentence is: to discover dimensions of reality. Recontextualized, to explore the 'w' axis in an 'xyz' world. I've still got the parts Making it real (and further) in front of me. Here is my story. I've been through a rabbit hole of ideas; from politics to teaching as Leo does (I even cried at that one). But now, all has been stripped down and feels empty. Only one purpose prevails - the one I present to you. It came to me spontaneously, though I CARVED the same purpose into my notepad in a session long forgotten: It is worth noting that the part 'share insights and help people attain enlightenment' was written after the experience calmed down and I no longer hold it as meaningful. Also, what the hell? Why is there an Uncharted 4 image? Well, when I made the connection today and actually remembered the experience, I came to a great awakening: I remember then being furiously in love with the LP statement. I HAD to scratch it onto paper. I couldn't forget. But I did, lol. Why Uncharted 4? During the session, thoughts melted into molten hot iron and I swallowed them deep. There was no longer a difference between matter and imagination: the video game itself is where I was. Shows you the power of these techniques. Next, a few of my results from the course: My top strengths are: 1) Creativity, ingenuity, originality, 2) Bravery and valor. My top values are: 1) Freedom, 2) Connection and love, 3) Adventure. What do I love to do so much that I can do it for long stretches of time without getting tired or bored? Expeditions into the "Great Unknown." Here, I knew my life purpose already. But it was time for making it pragmatic so it fits today's criteria. My Area of Mastery is big picture thinking into the future. Long-term planning. My higher consciousness virtue is Truth. much more... I have still yet to discover on how to make this 'floating in space' hermit-ish Life Purpose practical. I must turn it somehow into business, otherwise I will starve out and die. Which is what I want, but ya know... not like that. Or do I? It doesn't need to make seven figures. I just want a place to live, an income, and a whole lot of time for my journeys through existence. This includes lucid dreaming, astral projection, psychedelics, holotropic breathing, kriya yoga and so on. I have one year of high school left (IT and Programming), though my imagination skills have increased massively. The techniques are longer and more vivid. I get lost on all sorts of adventures. I do realize it is not pragmatic for this place called Earth, yet there is undeniably an undescribable amount of realms to discover beyond the borders and my heart craves for it. How else to put it into words? How? That's where I stand. I can't belive I actually found it. I actually did. It was there all along. Should you have any recommendations on how to make this real, I note: I will have the opportunity to address a community of mine of 50k-100k people in the Digital Art & Fantasy industry. There is an opening window to create a viable product. Other than that, feel free to answer impartially and take care.
  8. I apologize for the situation you're in. No shame in thinking in these manors. Your shoes are quite different. But the hard truth is, you got it backwards. People donate money to inspiring personalities, to valuable potential, to specific causes. Not to anonymous strangers. Perhaps you could start a project, social network or something that provides basic value? People would feel a lot more open.
  9. This is a crucial part. Have you thought of it more in depth? How does the business model look like? It's gonna be a dirty job at first. People in your culture are quite different, therefore the same approach wouldn't work as well. You need to take on the perspective of the masses and start from there. Good luck, go follow your passion! Make sure it's the right one.
  10. Somebody create a campaign on GoFundMe. It's gonna be expensive! We'll make a living through dividends and selling genetically modified DMT snails; a pet every household needs. 😄 Tell me when I should book tickets from Europe. Sarcasm aside, I would actually be in for this, lol.
  11. Noticed Hitler used more than words. If random people on the street were given the same speech to read, it wouldn't sound the same. Why? Hitler often used gestures of the whole body and different tones to interpret what he was trying to say. You want to keep the listeners interested, therefore appeal to their emotions. Be emotional. Sound emotional. What does the topic mean to them? What does it mean to you? Visualize the language. Make a river of thoughts. Pour your heart in. A great speech starts and ends with a point. It carries a message like cabels electricity. Repetition is the key to mastery. Sometimes I catch myself mumbling for one hour before falling asleep. I hope these few points of mine help, though use mainly Google, Youtube and books to search for material. Also listen to best movie/history speeches and try to find a connection between them. What do they have in common? Good luck!
  12. Dear Actualizers, relatively soon I will have an exceptional leverage to rally thousands of people who are into digital art and fantasy. My quest as it seems is to build a platform slash brand around the industry, but also around "the shadow in the corner" for most people; around consciousness. It needs to incorporate both. A conscious-brand. Obviously, I have a few vague ideas and there are a few years of work to be done, still, I ask my fellow community aside, beforehand: What cards would YOU try to flip? Do you see a potential? Has a thought ever appeared in your head? It can sound pragmatic or dreamy. Obviously, the business should be centered around Spiral Dynamics, Ikigai, Life Purpose, whatever conscious. Even if it seems hidden for the users at first. Bring it on. Once again, the main pillars are - fantasy, digital art, adventure. I will go through all of your replies. Thank you.
  13. The more in-depth goes, the more resistance is building up around its parts. One of the worst things that happens in a teacher-student relationship is when the apprentice stands up against the master thinking they've got it all figured out. The teacher, a wise one, has an additional layer of experience, but how do you communicate that to a discouraged being who mistakens it for arrogance? You have been given dozens of practical methods. The finger is pointing somewhere, and yet you keep bitching and whining about how the finger is imperfect. If you get too focused on Leo's voice, your human arrogance will bind you in blinding ways. Take care.
  14. Cool story, bro. Are you enlightened?
  15. @Matt8800 If it's been answered already, say the word and I'll go search. Have you been able to communicate with animals?