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  1. I know this is cliché and all — but I've decided I'll be leaving the forum indefinitely, at least for months, and I wanted to write a quick thank you and goodbye. The reason is that I'll need to work on my life purpose like a madman, which will be the hardest thing in my life to pull off, and sometimes I catch myself using the forum more and more as an excuse instead of cherishing the things than need to be cherished. I hold nothing but deep respect for Leo, the mods, and everyone else for keeping this place running. I genuinely hold it to be a cradle where your most sincere aspirations may hatch and where you may always find good advice. But as the saying goes, a time has to come for you to leave the nest and fly off into the world. This place has changed my life, and now it is my turn to change the lives of others. If anyone ever needs anything, you can always contact me on my website, because I'll be signing off now. Take care everyone, and be nice to one another. I wish to see everyone here, one day, pursue their life purpose, only so we may all come together and celebrate our dedication and advancements. See you soon! Love, V.
  2. @Muhammad Jawad Sure, self-regulate – swallow if necessary. Nothing wrong with that.
  3. @Muhammad Jawad What I mean is that you don't have to breathe as rapidly. You can prolong the ins and outs. Breeeathe in, Breeeathe out. Remember not to halt in between, the entire cycle must be uninterrupted. Don't pause between the ins and outs, don't hold the breath — simply make the ins and outs longer.
  4. @Muhammad Jawad This troubled me for days after I had done SB for 30 minutes on three consecutive days. I allowed myself for a temporary pause, and, when the pain diminished, I resumed on a less intense schedule. This was before the marathon itself. It is also the reason why 50% of my sessions during the marathon lasted about 5 minutes and about 40% 15. I suggest you give yourself a pause. No need to rush. Plenty of time to build up your habit by increments. You've already done very well, and excessively hurting yourself isn't necessary. You may also try to pace your breath. For the last week, I've been experimenting with it; still no gap between the ins and outs, but the actual "sinusoid" is two to three times more elongated. It's easier on the body and, as I've found out, works equally as well.
  5. Tried counting to 100, didn't even get to 70. I visualized every number. By the time I reached 60, my mind was too scrambled and warped and couldn't stay awake anymore. I couldn't even remember what number I was at. Quite fascinating, really. I sense a lot of potential in this technique.
  6. @Leo Gura Has your view of Russia and Putin anyhow shifted in terms of SD now that you've seen the documentary?
  7. Well, first and foremost, how's a life purpose goin' for you?
  8. Might as well, right? I ain't no organic video creator, so don't expect any more videos soon. I just needed an introductory audiovisual content to the book cause it feels more authentic than writing bleak posts all the time.írHlocký/featured
  9. Damn, we've got a whole army of Youtube enthusiasts here!
  10. @seeking_brilliance Wow. But the website was actually performing, right...? Before JBE, I assumed projects like these were always too dreamy and idealistic for the world.
  11. Anything orchestral, such as Two Steps From Hell Anything instrumental, such as Narnia or Skyrim mixes Especially songs by Loreena McKennitt The Mystic’s Dream Ages Past, Ages Hence Beneath A Phrygian Sky This one below works wonders too: Last but not least, one of my long-time favorites... :-)
  12. @seeking_brilliance Good stuff and congrats. I'll read up on the technique and join this hotline gathering. Are we the Fellowship of the Dream?
  13. Yes, of course. As I wrote in the thread, I even subjectively experienced an entire lifetime in a matter of seconds. Hands getting tight and numb is a sign of hyperventilation, which means that you're doing the breathing properly. Good work. Your hands may curl, which is described as a 'lobster claw'. It's most likely the result of hyperventilation, though plenty of new agers say it has to do with unconscious stuck energy. Personally, I have overcome the cramps by surrendering, by letting go, by enduring them until they relented on their own. But don't push yourself unless you feel like it. Playing music during or after SB may appear somewhat difficult — and it certainly is — for it feels like reaching the microscopic play button on your playlist from beyond Jupiter. Do whatever will ease the task for you. Prepare a playlist, keep your phone unlocked; thus when the time comes, you'll somehow find a way to press that one last button.
  14. @Vision Solipsism means nothing in this vast and infinite land, it's like a millstone around your neck, it's the human mind mentally molesting itself. Fuck that, right?