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  1. The more in-depth goes, the more resistance is building up around its parts. One of the worst things that happens in a teacher-student relationship is when the apprentice stands up against the master thinking they've got it all figured out. The teacher, a wise one, has an additional layer of experience, but how do you communicate that to a discouraged being who mistakens it for arrogance? You have been given dozens of practical methods. The finger is pointing somewhere, and yet you keep bitching and whining about how the finger is imperfect. If you get too focused on Leo's voice, your human arrogance will bind you in blinding ways. Take care.
  2. Cool story, bro. Are you enlightened?
  3. @Matt8800 If it's been answered already, say the word and I'll go search. Have you been able to communicate with animals?
  4. @Matt8800 Have you ever practiced on psychedelics? Could they boost up various exercises?
  5. What's your knowledge background? Books, exercises? How long have you been training? Where would you point me, what are good sources to learn from?
  6. Dude, I would have bursted out laughing at that thought. Totally feel you.
  7. Getting up after half an hour and walking around the room feels like God walking on water
  8. Cool. I've always felt the guy was deeply oppressing stage red in the name of yellow.
  9. Hello there. I've been spending less time on the forum and more in the field. Last night I had the freedom to sleep under the stars, on fresh air. The story consists of three parts: Holotropic breathwork - the start The state of familiarness - the peak Third eye experience - the aftermath (a vision at the end) I'll sum up the whole thing in a few paragraphs. Let's get to it. Gender: Male Age: 18 Previous breakthroughs: the state of nothing ('blank state'), a few insights about infinity (not there yet by far), one time astral projection Holotropic breathwork: I began close to midnight on a grassy field, surrounded by stars and a purring cat. I notice the 'I' doesn't want to do the breathing. It smells like garlic to a vampire. 5-10 minutes I start getting into a high state. The chest is pounding. Independent thoughts come up. They are no longer on the same playing field. You've got the xyz axis, right. What you do in this state, as I like to call it, is move in an additional 'w' direction, away from the thoughts. 15 minutes in - the state of flow. 'I am hearing The Universe. For the very first time,' you might say. The sound of nature is flowing through you like a river. The preconstructed notion of 'inside the head' falls down. Words don't mean shit. All I'm writing is nothing, you understand? Nothing. The state of familiarness: Once you breathe for long enough, you'll start reaching the state of familiarness. That's how I call it. Every moment feels like home in a mystical, unique way. How else can I describe? I can't! Third eye experience: 20 minutes in. The peak. I thought, why not focus attention in the middle of my brows? Lo and behold, that's all it took. The whole body was tingling. The 'I' was still on the 'w' axis. This is the best description my words can give: As it is unexplainable for a human how a bird can flop its wings, intuitively, with ease, in the same way it is unthinkable how two eyes can stay closed, yet the third one open. In that moment, the mind was so focused in the center that I had the ability to close both of my 'side eyes' (and see the process of shutting down), but still see. In that exact moment, two things happened: One - a vision appeared. Two - a thought came up, saying: 'There will be skepticism. Don't listen to yourself then.' The vision I've drawn below (pretty clunky): Does it remind you of something? Have you found anything similiar? That's all for now, folks. My skepticism arrives.
  10. Technique: Holotropic Breathing Time: Right after the session ended (20 mins) Summary: The insight was brief and short. Physicality is a thought. It collapses onto itself. Have you ever wondered whether dragons exist? Well, a surprise for you, they actually do. There's no borderline between our world and Skyrim, for example. You are literally framing them as if they were "in the virtual" or "in the display." No, no, no! This is the best feeling any dragon lover can experience. No way this insight was the deepest, but it was so warmthful it had to be shared. Do the work, guys, it really works.
  11. Download the videos, everyone! That's history. At least they're preserved "in the moment"
  12. Of course that's going to be difficult. Sounds harsh, but ultimately, no exceptions.
  13. Then I assume you're living hell. Haha, enjoy!
  14. We've all made it! We've already fucking made it! Today, it was realized: All Godheads are enlightened. @Leo Gura is right here. You are right here. I'm right here. We're all together. Everyone is pleased to do whatever they want in heaven. Home! Hell is only by definition. It's hell because people make it hell. Every moment is like a self contained chapter, an independent thing, and racionality is a way of sorting these moments. How can racionality ever be objective, while it only containts itself? LOL. Go figure. It serves its purpose so well. The more you know, the more humble you get. I feel small.
  15. I've been watching the series and the little detail got stuck in my head. Obviously, the "Faceless Men" are a cult, but are they really? They say to become a devotee, you must first become nobody. Pretty familiar, ha? Little Zen Devils... or not?