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  1. @aurum I'm tagging ya as a high-consciousness business too since you didn't tag yourself.
  2. Of course. Weed is merely a tool. Since you are everything, everything falls under your responsibility. Nothing can be outside your control. Personally, I find weed as powerful and transcendental as medium doses of Ayahuasca. My ground-zero advice is to know your greatest strength and do an activity essentially related to it. You will get into a state of overdrive. Focus on and maximize the strength as if there was no tomorrow. If by chance your top strength is appreciation of beauty or introspection, I can tell you exactly what to do: Pick a stone. Any object. Your hand. And look at it. Sit in silence with it. Adore it. Appreciate it. See it for what it truly is - a part of you. Once the sense of beauty overflows, that'll be your ticket home. Try something along the lines of this visualization technique thread. Listen to transcendental music. Venture out into the night, and talk to the moon and the stars. Once you take the weed, realize you have never taken it and that all there is, is the state of consciousness. Read my short stories high. This file download's them. Journeys Beyond Earth, stories for dreamers, idealists, romantics.pdf. You may utilize any of these basic methods. You will not be addicted to weed. Take on the responsibility. It's yours to keep. Dissolve your mind.
  3. There is nothing beyond this thread. All the planets and their moons -- gone in a snap. Nothing exists beyond the screen. We have come together again, friends, to bask in the momentary oasis. This thread is a monastery, full and complete. Wars have stopped and the outside world has gone quiet -- darkness has veiled it like a closing curtain veils a theatre's stage. My beloved friends, we sit right here, in this thread, perfectly as we made ourselves to sit. We are one universe, one unification, we love each other so much that Love binds us like a glue. This is it. We have made it to heaven.
  4. Wow. I'm still shaken by the sheer amount of narratives consciousness can create, fool itself in, immerse itself in. Rules for this thread: I've been on the forum since 2017. This will be the first thread that may seem conspiracy-like to some viewers (it's not), and I trust the mods and Leo will recognize that it isn't a sudden rush of shit to the brain nor a sudden 'let's join a forum and spread an ideology' thread, but merely a reflection of my direct experience; of what twisted stories God can lure itself into. I hope my somewhat long past here on the forum will carry a straw of trust. Here is my warning though: If the discussion gets out of hand or downright irrelevant, close the thread. If people start projecting their beliefs onto this post, close the thread. If people start blaming, victimizing, name-calling, close the thread. If people clearly start spreading conspiracy theories, close the thread. If there's anything related you'd like to say, there are DMs for that. But, please, note that I am not a conspiracy theorist but merely sharing a narrative that has shown me how insignificant and yet vast each narrative is... yet again. Don't even bother to send me theoretical explanations without an immediate practice, exercise, or technique to expand on & underlay any possible explanation you may have. Remember if this gets too crazy, I'll either ask the mods to close the thread or I'll hide it myself. The main arc: I went to sleep this afternoon and had the most vivid, physical, twisted dream. I remember bits and pieces in the time of writing this, which I managed to save in my notepad. I am certain the dream had started earlier, but the first flash I remember is that a bunch of friends and I were loafing around the outskirts of a town, minding our own activity. A helicopter came flying in. It was flying around in circles, observing us. We didn't know who these people were. Next thing I remember is learning that in that dream, relative to the narrative I was submerged in, humanity lived in a dream and was being controlled by strange entities, whose purpose was to keep them attached. I later discovered it was a lineage/clan who kept humanity prisoned. Jumping forward, I remember zipping it through air like a madman in a wholesale store. Everyone looked at me as if I was crazy, for I was literally jumping from wall to wall/levitating. Eventually, I made a lap around the store. Returning to the parking lot, I noticed a middle-aged women, whose head was shrouded in a hood, who had a symbolic tattoo on her face, and who kept away from other people and was leaving in a hurry as if she didn't wish to be seen. Suddenly, a knowledge popped to me that this woman was a part of some group called the Resistance or the Cause and was constantly being looked for. "Wait for me!" I shouted to her repeatedly, knowing she'd leave soon. She looked at me and stopped, prodding me to hurry. A big black van stopped in front of me, and I lost sight of the woman. The van's doors opened, and I found myself in front of the clan, the overlords, however we shall name them. A woman, who was definitely a mother of some sort, stepped out of the vehicle. She was wearing latex-like or tight black leather overall. At this point, I instantly knew what the context was. I was trapped in an artificially crafted dream by those entities and I couldn't trust nor them nor my senses. It was like a Matrix. The woman then did what I can only describe as an attempt to draw me back into the illusion. As she was passing by in a seductive fashion, she attempted to turn a 3D object - one of those translucent shelters for shopping carts you find in front of each wholesale building - into a 2D painting on the sidewalk, the one that creates the illusion of a 3D object under the right angle. However, as I became awake to the narrative, I couldn't be seduced anymore. I found a way to escape her control by 'reversing steps' in that reality. I made a full body turn and stretched my arm backwards, and I found myself touching the original object again. She couldn't bend my reality. Soon after, I was teleported into another dream, another environment; sort of to the next level (whether up or down the rabbit hole is questionable. If we measure how immersed I was in that narrative, then I was definitely going deeper.) Therein I found my good friend, too, seemingly 'realized' about the previous dream we had lived in. This is where it gets scary. God's an adventurous one. The friend reaffirmed me - and I knew by telling again myself - that we're in a dream. I cannot trust anyone, I cannot trust anything; everything is an illusion, and as soon as my senses lose presence with anything, it's gone, forever. "Don't lose touch with whatever is appearing in your senses," I told myself. Once you lost contact with that-which-appeared, it instantly stopped existing until it reappeared again. It had retracted back to the Void which it had come from. I consider this the truthful kernel of the entire dream, but here's where it got scary: The dream's limited narrative got mixed with Truth. It created an abomination which manifested in the form of a thought "Whatever comes back from that darkness, is no longer what it had used to be." My friend was walking behind me, and as I didn't have a sight of him, it meant that once I lost touch with his body, his voice, he'd disappear into the Void. The very next second he'd reappear, it wouldn't be him anymore. And here's the dangerous twist and the insight I've gained immediately upon waking up: Instead of surrendering and seeing everything as God, which is my normal waking tendency, I fragmented reality into an ultimate duality and fear in the 'grand holy search' for a relative truth about the narrative that was unfolding. The dream didn't end, though. Once the thing or the person came back, they were no longer themselves. They were illusory doppelgangers whose purpose was to lure me back in, who whispered and murmured behind my ears, yet my grand quest was to resist. I'm writing down the ego-chatters - as they were happening onstage - on purpose; for you to better see the mechanics of the dream and draw conclusions. Again, I'm aware of this, and this thread serves for educational purposes, not conspiracy theory spreading. Later I've realized how perfectly this remolded the structure of the story about Sodom and Gomorrah, wherein the man was encouraged to resist the temptation of looking back. In the dream, this wasn't the path I was willing to choose. I had to overcome the fear. As such - like when a scary invisible ghost is chasing you down the hall from the kitchen - I stopped. I didn't continue moving. I bore the piling up fear. I made it. Through following my heart, I reheard my original friend's voice behind my back, "You've made it. You didn't lose touch with me." When I turned around, he was standing there again. What a relief - but looking back at this whole narrative, quite the opposite had probably happened, as it was only a fear-based intuition prompting me to sigh a relief. The dream ended by waking up into another dream, wherein I found myself having aged back to a 13-year-old child. In my hands I held a fork/a pen. I was pointing it against one of those clan members. We were in a mansion together, along with my friend. We were both awake and ready to oppose his power. He told me that I had overcome the artificial Matrix's illusion, but that I was fucked anyway because this was still the Matrix. He said although I was back in my childhood, they still had control over me. That's where it all ended. This was by far one of the most tangible, physical, and therefore most immersive and ego-appealing dreams I have had. What caught me off-guard was how well the dream resembled almost every conspiracy theory out there. From time to time, we have a streak on the forum of someone posting far-out conspiracy theories, and I think as a consequence of reading some of those long-winded posts, some of it 'had subconsciously stuck' in my head and condensed back later in the form of a dream. I realize there's only the Mind. So, yes, God is a madman. I directly lived through one of those conspiracy-like narratives, and it was as real as a narrative gets. However, it had very little to do with searching for the ultimate truth and was actually powered by fully immersing myself and living in that paradigm of fear. In that dream, I felt absolutely separated from Myself & had no knowledge about nonduality or the concept of waking up. The dream has shown me that every paradigm is possible, but through actively engaging and immersing ourselves in those narratives, we're forgetting who we are... selling ourselves short. Post your answers, opinions, alike experiences below, but keep it down a notch. Remember we're a forum leaned on direct experience - and remember the rules I wish that are applied to this thread. Please, don't spread any ideologies or long-winded conspiracy-like truths here publically, or I'll ask the mods to close the thread or hide it myself. What a revealing experience.
  5. Finally, we needed this thread. Don't you dare to let it spiral down the flush of irrelevancy.
  6. @Etherial Cat As real as you let it sway you.
  7. @Etherial Cat It's possible. But unless you're both into mystical experiences, you're gonna be having a hard time realizing 'it' without external stimuli. I suggest taking psychedelics prior to having sex. Or doing shamanic breathing.
  8. Sex is perceived as nothing short of transcendence since my first Ayahuasca trip. I have found that it is it a matter of abandoning one's earthly identity along with earthly concepts such as rape, correctness, et cetera, and instead unifying on an atomic level in a wholesome fashion.
  9. My feminine half wants to unconditionally surrender to daddy present moment and groan and drown as God's Love pounds it for eternity, ever so deeply. But perhaps I'm taking these metaphors too far.
  10. Demonstrating the power of consciousness is better seen in transcending a paradigm rather than bleeding dry the boundaries of a preconceived one.
  11. Helping burned out Orange men/women transition into Green.
  12. @nistake Absolutely nailed it, brought to perfection. Does your career or life purpose revolve around something similar?
  13. @Blackhawk It's alright. People are infinitely beautiful, and seeking to guide them to 'more beauty' by providing a 'step forward' falls short of the beauty they already possess. They are perfectly perfect. Then there's the relative domain.
  14. Update: After finishing Seth Godin's This Is Marketing almost two weeks ago, I have gained a lot more confidence to say, "It's not for you," although I prevent the abuse of this sentence running riot. Every evening since, I have meditated in darkness over the decision of dropping the flair of cannabis/psychedelics. After hours of observing the decision in my head, I have chosen not to appeal to a broader audience, and therefore kept the statement. I'll approach a lot more dreamy/idealistic/childlike (you get the point by now) communities, though, even where psychoactive substances are not mentioned, as certainly a portion of them will be using them by chance. Lately, I have evolved how I handle conveying the message. I'm unlearning the seeming 'golden standards' which society engraves you with, and I'm instead doing things a lot more authentically, genuinely communicating with whom the message is addressed to. It has worked a lot better. It also drew a smile on my face when I started receiving very positive reactions about my writing, despite English being my secondary. (I'm more chilled on the forum, and obviously not trying.) Some of it I attribute to the fact that I've spent over 1500 hours writing, yet there are thousand more hours to come. The mills grind slowly but surely. I'll look for more blogs and influencers. (Potentially) a big leap is that my Facebook Ads, which are scheduled for Thursday, got approved. In any other instance, I would have taken it for granted, yet I was taken by surprise this time: It was a very shaky board, as the ad directly mentions "to be read on cannabis" and "read on a high". Facebook policies are brutal in this regard; people have gotten banned merely from mentioning "CBD", forever, without a prior notice. I'm still miles away from attaining a total clarity about how to approach my audience, and especially how and where to find the perfect nest, but I feel I'm a tiny-miniscule step closer now.