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  1. I find a great satisfiction in us pretending to talk to each other on a forum. Like true gentlemen. 'You go first into Infinity!' 'No, you!'
  2. @Sam Johnson You will never prepare for an awakening through logic. So take a comfortable stance in not knowing. And do the shamanic breathing. If you are beginning this work or don't have access to psychedelics, it will open you up nicely.
  3. What if you were? How would reality look like? Then again, what if you were not? How would reality look like then? What one thing would bind these two realities?
  4. Totally ignore me. I'm you. I'm happening in your experience. What will be gone is the notion of 'perceiving' and 'human experience'. You will bask in your own creation, unfiltered and pure. Nothing will change.
  5. @Sam Johnson There is nothing separate from you, end of story. What we interpret as 'outside' of spacetime and 'inside' of spacetime and actually 'spacetime' itself are merely thoughts appearing now - in the present moment. Try shamanic breathing. Maybe check my 60-day report. It will make you see clearly if you surrender to it.
  6. I'm having trouble, however, understanding what people refer to as 'states vs. stages' because from a remote point of view, the notion of the two loses meaning in the permanence of life. Isn't it, after all, a relative distinction?
  7. @Leo Gura Oh my. I think I just had an epiphany about the word state. A state cannot be known to 'outside' knowledge. State is what is. Ooooh. Oh.
  8. North Korean pupils now spend 90 minutes a day learning the ‘greatness’ of Kim Jong-un, according to reports from the country.
  9. Additional Report #2 It would be technically Day 72, but I missed quite a few since the marathon has ended. Yesterday and the day before, I experimented with reading under the spell of shamanic breathing. Being a creator myself, this was a crucial part to test and see the implications of, as before each writing I write up specific instructions for the reader to perform. One of them being five minutes of shamanic breathwork. Here's a quick summary of what shamanic breathing can do when combined with a text. You breathe for a given time, you read in the afterglow. What I found was quite fascinating - and heart-warming, for what it matters - because I know now that a ground-shaking state can be induced without a psychedelic, to which a small portion of the readers won't have access. Everyone behaves differently, but I have found my equilibrium between too shallow and too intense of an experience (to carry out reading) to rest at five minutes. You should accompany it with appropriate music. Hans Zimmer works well, but it also depends on the text's character. I encourage you to give this combined activity a try. Well-written texts will appear relishing, enlightening, clear and fresh. You will understand them in depth, sentences will appear profound, mystical, beautiful. You will develop a sort of telepathy with the author, for you will seem to perfectly untangle the meaning of each word. *An entertaining side note: If you occasionally play video games, give shamanic breathing a try first. Then play something like Alien: Isolation. In my case, this is both a terrific and a wonderful experience. I find the breathing to dissolve psychological boundaries which encircle the ordinary state, as seen in previous reports, and therefore I'm not constrained by the notion of 'playing a video game' and 'sitting in front of a monitor.' You quite literally appear to be in the environment. Many of your materialistic cravings can be satisfied through this practice, and more easily transcended.
  10. The first thing I'll recommend you is to chew upon the book Mastery by George Leonard. It's compact, pleasant, impacting. Therein you may learn about the concept of plateaus and the master's journey if you haven't already. If singing is your thing, don't let anything stop you. Sing from the bottom of your heart. Bring yourself to cry by the authenticity. Flow like a river, even if you sound ridiculous. Bask in the process itself. Your life purpose is happening now. I have set, similarly to you, to get to a level of writing that's considered overwhelming and evocative to read, and I'll hit bricks and rocks until I make it. If singing isn't your 'natural voice', worry not, English isn't mine neither.
  11. A business that offers ecological solutions or helps lower stages transition into Green but in a non-repulsive manner. A Yellow approach to postmodern issues. Green is often 'too Green' to help the lower stages clear blockages, provide pleasing explanations and embrace evolutionary differences in the psyche.
  12. lmfao. the less time you spend thinking about this practice on a forum and the more time you spend staring at a hand, the sooner you will realize it's a completely magnificent, holy, hollow temple.
  13. @Vladimir This is amazing. That's what I do after shamanic breathing. It's so intense and powerful. The flowing river of the cosmos!
  14. The flashbacks continued in today's dreams. I adore it gives you no withdrawal the next morning.
  15. @BlackMaze Sure. You do what your heart tells you.